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The Plaid Horse is North America’s Premier Horse Show Magazine. The Plaid Horse was founded in 2003 to serve the equestrian community. In 2018/2019, examples of horse show distribution included: The Devon Horse Show, USEF Pony Finals, all HITS shows, Lake Placid Horse Shows, Blenheim Equisports, Washington International Horse Show, and The National Horse Show, and the Pin Oak Charity Horse Show.

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Meet Tally, a working student who loves riding in the lesson program at Quince Oaks. But Tally’s barn family is about to get a lot bigger when a new A-circuit trainer arrives at the farm with clients like Mac, a girl Tally’s age who is moving up a division on her own pony hunter. While the riders face different challenges, they come to learn how much they have in common as they chase their riding dreams together.

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Mothering a Horse-Crazy Child: When Things Start Getting Serious

In her first installment, a hesitant mom shared her daughter's slow but steady path to equestrian obsession. Today learn about that first...


The Plaid Horse is a print and digital publishing company, proudly printed in the United States. We provide exceptional coverage for the hunter/jumper/breeding disciplines at reasonable rates. We support equestrian competitors, horse fans, the general public, and suppliers to the industry through horse show and event coverage, equine articles of interest, and advertisements.

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