Photo Gallery: $10,000 Grand Prix of Woodside, California

The Plaid Horse was on the ground June 21, 2014 for the $10,000 Grand Prix of Woodside (California).

DSC_4041 copy

Toni McIntosh and Lexito.

DSC_4057 copy

Kristin Hardin and Bert.

DSC_3995 copy

Olivia Brown and PVTC Jordan. 

DSC_4011 copy

Jan Humphrey and Airwalk VC.

DSC_4019 copy

Hugh C. Mutch and W. Natal

DSC_4028 copy

Macella A. O’Neill and Glide.

DSC_4121 copy

Winners Kristin Hardin and Leonidas. 

DSC_4098 copy

Jenni McAllister and Legis Venice in the jump-off. 

DSC_4088 copy

Rachel Fields and Buell in the jump-off. 

DSC_4082 copy

Guy Thomas and No More Talk in the jump-off. 

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