Pony Finals Candids

Photos by Adam Hill of Decaseconds.com

Candids_141 copy

Hannah Loeffelbein and Saddle Sold Separately.


Maddie Schaefer, Mimi Gochman, and Morgan Ward chat between classes.

Candids_162 copy

Emily Elek.


Kylin and Smantha Meyer sporting their Plaid Horse golf cart!


The ramp into the Walnut Ring.

Candids_159 copy

Plaid Horse publisher Dr. Piper Klemm.

Candids_140 copy

Daphne Thornton.

Candids_108 copy

Plaid Horse intern Dominique Gonzalez.


The Walnut ring was full of a constant stream of ponies in the model and under saddle classes each morning. 


Plaid Horse intern and Stonewall Farm groom Lily Sanchez (on summer break from studies at Purdue University) was in the bow spirit- she was seen in Kathryn Lily (pictured), Bows to the Shows, and Bows-4-Shows throughout the week!

Candids_139 copy

Rachel Kruse of Rachel Kruse Equine Portraiture. 

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