Back on Track and HITS Celebrate Culpeper 2014 Series Champions

CULPEPER, VA (October 4, 2014) Dedicated sponsor Back on Track and HITS recognized and honored top performers of The HITS Culpeper Show Series 2014 during the Parade of Champions on the final day of competition.  Nearly 100 custom embroidered coolers provided by Back on Track and flowing tri-color ribbons were given to outstanding horses, ponies and riders who consistently rose to the top throughout the 6 weeks of competition at HITS Commonwealth park.


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Gallery of HITS Culpeper Back on Track  2014  Grand Circuit Champions and Reserve Champions


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Leading the way throughout the season at HITS Culpeper was accomplished professional Jason Berry, who captured four Back on Track Circuit Awards.

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“This Back on Track cooler is one of the nicest prizes I have ever won at a horse show,” noted Berry. “Its therapeutic advantages make it both memorable and very useful—I’m happy to bring it home.” Berry competed every week at HITS Culpeper in 2014 and in addition to four circuit awards, was named the Charles Owen Leading Hunter Rider Week II, won the Devoucoux Hunter Prix Week I and placed in the top five in four of the other five weeks.

It was a memorable 2014 Culpeper Circuit for Berry and others…

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HITS’ staff thanks Back on Track for their support and the spectators and exhibitors who came and competed in 2014.  For the full list of 2014 HITS Culpeper Back on Track Grand Circuit Champions and Reserves please click here

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Thank You Back on Track 

See You All Next Year at HITS Culpeper 2015!