USHJA Zone 10 Rule Change Proposals

Now Available Online for Viewing and Member Input

Interested in what potential rule changes will be reviewed at the USHJA Annual Meeting in December? Active Rule Change Proposals for 2014 are now available for viewing All of the rule change proposals are currently being reviewed by USHJA Task Forces and Committees, which will provide their feedback and actions by the start of the 2014 Annual Meeting.

USHJA welcomes member input on proposed rule changes. If you would like to provide input on a specific rule, please send an e-mail with the tracking number and Rule number to [email protected]. Deadline for USHJA member input is November 1, 2014

2015 Zone 10 Specifications and Stirrup Cup Specifications Now Available Online

Updated specifications for Zone 10 Hunters and Jumpers for the 2015 show season are now available online. To view the specifications, visit the Zone 10 web page.

Updated Stirrup Cup Specifications for 2015 are also available online. The USHJA Stirrup Cup Awards are a unique awards program that you are automatically enrolled in by being a member of USHJA and competing in Regional I (B) and Regional II (C) rated competitions. Find out more on the awards page of

USHJA Zone 10 Sitrrup Cup Champions Photo Essays

This year the USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup Finals were held at the Gold Coast End of Summer Show (Aug 28-31) at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Here are a few memories and stories from riders who took home tri-color ribbons.

Eli Bussel on Walk the Line 

USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup-Champion Low Child-Adult Jumpers

Cortney Colvig on Gallopoli
USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup-Reserve Champion Low Child-Adult Jumpers
Alyce Bittar on Beirut B

USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup- Champion Children’s Jumpers

Lili Marshall on Waldman

USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup- Reserve Champion Children’s Jumpers (tie)

Judy Esau on Laressa

USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup- Champion Adult Amateur Jumpers

Julia Otter on Emilie DR
USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup Champion – Low Child/Adult Jumper
Amy Brubaker on Frascati
USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup 3’3″ Pre-Green Hunters Finals
Emily Goldberg on Solomon’s Mines
USHJA Zone 10 Stirrup Cup Reserve Champion-3’6″ Junior/Amateur Owner Hunters 

Zone 10 Budgets

The 2014 Zone 10 Hunter and Zone 10 Jumper budgets are now available on the USHJA website.  The budgets are being updated with the current expenses on a bimonthly basis to  track committee spending of available funding and to provide current balances.

If you have questions about how the budget allocations are created, please contact your Zone 10 Committee Chairs- Hunter, Kathy Hobstetter at (714) 797-1404 or Jumper,Fred Bauer at (650) 740-6654 and Ned Glynn at (707) 249-1637.