Daniel Bluman and Chandon Blue Top Turf Tour Standings to Win 1.40m Grand Prix at Wanderers Club

Daniel Bluman and Chandon Blue Top Turf Tour Standings to Win 1.40m Grand Prix at Wanderers Club

Wellington, FL – February 7, 2015 – As part of the 12-week Wellington Turf Tour series, The Ridge at Wellington traveled to the Wanderers Club, an exclusive country club in the heart of Wellington, to wrap up its fifth week of competition. The change of venue was set atop a pristine polo field, surrounded by an array of palm trees and settled beneath a blue sky. The venue change for many riders was not only breathtaking, but also the setting of a memorable jump off where riders attempted to catch Laura Kraut and Constable’s blazing speed, set early on in the day. It came down to the final moments of the event when Daniel Bluman took over the lead just two-tenths of a second faster, and then Lauren Hough followed consecutively to overtake Kraut’s time and capture the second place with Paris Sellon’s Street Hassle.

Nick Granat designed the day’s courses, challenging 66 horse and rider combinations with a technical track. Faults were sustained throughout the entire course, with the triple combination proving the most difficult with riders finding fault in the vertical-vertical-oxer combination. The opening track featured the sponsor jump, Hollow Brook Wealth Management, as the third obstacle of the track with its colors and detailing acting as the perfect foreground to the expansive Wanderers Club House nestled just behind.

Today, only 16 horse and rider combinations would clear the opening track and move onto the shortened course. Of the top contenders, only 11 would ride to two clean rounds.

Mark Bluman was the first rider of the day to traverse the track and move into the jump off with Liverpool, owned by Daniela Stransky. They set the pace at 41.144 seconds without incurring any faults. Eight trips later, Olympian Laura Kraut of Royal Palm Beach, Fla., rode Constable, owned by Cherry Knoll Farm, to a clear opening round to move into the jump off as the second contender of the short track.

 Laura Kraut and Cherry Knoll Farm’s Constable

The 8-year-old gelding has turned heads at international competitions across Europe and North America. Kraut rode the jump off course smooth and with efficiency, tripping the timers in 38.798 seconds.

“He has been very good while down here,” Kraut explained of Constable. “He is an 8-year-old, and normally they go through this phase where they think they know more than they do. When you step them up and they make a few mistakes, it allows for them to become more mature. I was really pleased today to come here, to new surroundings with a beautiful grass field, and he was wonderful. I think he liked having a change of scenery.”

She returned to the ring five rounds later with Zeremonie, owned by Old Willow Farms, LLC. She duplicated her earlier efforts aboard Constable with 8-year-old mare, breaking the beam in 39.422 seconds with her second double clear ride of the day. She sat at the top of the standings throughout the day with Constable, and concluded the event with the fifth place aboard Zeremonie.

As a believer in young horses and educational programs, Kraut has supported The Ridge at Wellington events since its inception in 2013. The Turf Tour Series helps riders of all levels, as well as horses, gain positive mileage and experience at different venues throughout the Wellington equestrian community. This was the first weekend that the $15,000 1.40m Grand Prix was held on a Saturday, which proved convenient for many of the riders.

“I love this structure! I am definitely a proponent of this system,” Kraut said. “I was so happy that they held an event on Saturday. I have 40 plus horses at the Winter Equestrian Festival, and it is difficult for me to get away on a Friday, though I would love to-I think the change of venue is great, they learn so much.”

Viggo Bjorklund and Atheme Z, owned by Gyliebo Farm, tried to catch Kraut’s pace, but they fell just shy of her time. He posted a double clear effort in 39.401 seconds, just two hundredths of a second behind. It was not until the end of the day, in the final moments of competition that the winner would make his way onto the field.

Daniel Bluman and Chandon Blue, owned by Andressa Quadros, blazed the trail during the short track to speed through the timers in 38.551 seconds to take over the lead. Their quick foot speed across the ground surpassed Kraut and Constable by two-tenths of a second, following a similar path to that of Kraut, angling number one and two, and duplicating the tight rollback to the final oxer.

Daniel Bluman and Chandon Blue

“We had a little bit of luck, it was my first time ever jumping him in the ring,” Bluman said. “He was here last year jumping in the High Amateur division with his owner, and then this year he was sent to me because she went to college. We are working on developing and seeing how far he can go. He definitely has a lot of quality and scope.”

He continued, “The course is beautiful, it is an amazing venue, and it is very refreshing to come to a grass ring here in Wellington. It is convenient for us because our farm, Bluman Equestrian, is only two minutes away. It couldn’t be any better here-the jumps are beautifully painted, it is quiet, relaxing, there is food and drinks, so everyone really likes it.”

Lauren Hough followed only a couple of rounds behind Bluman with Paris Sellon’s Street Hassle. The 9-year-old gelding followed a similar track to Bluman, keeping a consistent and speedy pace throughout the shortened course to finish in 38.694 seconds, knocking Kraut and Constable into the third place as the day came to a conclusion.

“Normally, Paris rides him, but she had to go to California for the weekend, so we thought we would give him a different venue,” Hough said. “He has been doing the High Amateurs, and then we will be moving him up. I just stuck to my plan out there today; he is a fast horse naturally. The Turf Tour is a fantastic structure, this series provides fantastic opportunities for different venues and we are appreciative of it.

Lauren Hough and Street Hassle

McLain Ward and Best Buy, owned by Ansgar Holtgers, ranked in sixth with a time of 39.457 seconds, while he also picked up the seventh place with his second mount, Azibantos, in an equally as speedy round. Lauren Hough and Upfront rounded out the top eight with a double clear posted in 39.658 seconds.

On the other side of the polo field, in Ring 2, competition was heating up for the Junior/Amateur-Owner Classic and the Children’s/Adult Jumper Classic. Alison Register and Gems Bond captured the $3,000 NAL Junior/Amateur Owner Classic with a speedy jump-off time of 31.934 seconds. In the $2,000 M&S/NAL WIHS Child/Adult Jumper Classic it was Rebecca Lannoye and Corvette who rode to the top of the standings.

The International Polo Club Palm Beach will host the sixth week of The Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour, showcasing the best that show jumping has to offer. Both Wednesday and Friday’s events promise to be exciting, with the 1.30m-1.35m classes and the $15,000 1.40m Grand Prix running from 8 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.  The turf will see low and medium schooling jumpers with two classes running concurrently offered at each height on both days. The schooling jumper classes will continue to be offered on Friday throughout the remainder of the Turf Tour.

Meadowbrook Horse Transport will continue to provide transportation to and from the horse show and other locations throughout Wellington for both the Wednesday and Friday events next week. The transportation is a nominal fee of $50 per horse, and will be calculated into the final show fees. To make a reservation for one of the three pickup times: 8 a.m., 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. please call Peter Tufano of Meadowbrook Horse Transport at (954) 415-7217, or call Nona Garson at (908) 500-0996

For more information about the Ridge at Wellington please go to www.theridgefarm.com. For up-to-date information please follow the Ridge at Wellington on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Ridge-at-Wellington/219358376264.


$15,000 1.40M Grand Prix – Table II Sec 2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   894    Chandon Blue    Andressa Quadros    Daniel Bluman
2nd   925 Street Hassle    Paris Sellon    Lauren Hough
3rd   906    Constable    Cherry Knoll Farm    Laura Kraut
4th   909    Atheme Z     Gyliebo Farm    Viggo Bjorklund
5th   903    Zeremonie    Old Willow Farms LLC    Laura Kraut
6th   694    Best Buy    Ansgar Holtgers    McLain Ward
7th   863    Azibantos    Group C LLC    McLain Ward
8th   924    Upfront    Lauren Hough    Lauren Hough

$3,000 NAL Junior/Amateur Owner Classic 1.25M Table II Sec2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   652    Gems Bond    Alison Register    Alison Register
2nd   643    Carle    Paul Yanke    Paul Yanke
3rd   889    Gamma Cameron    Gabriela Saa    Gabriela Saa
4th   923    Gideon    John Holmes    Kelly Arani
5th   882    Ti Punch D’emm    Kindle Hill Affiliates    Saly Glassman
6th   832    Wauw    Stransky’s Mission Farms  Daniela Stransky
7th   918    Bigua    Elizabeth Maloney    Elizabeth Maloney
8th   803    Herrock    Christian Currey    Charlotte Currey
9th   881    Rockin Ralph    Kindle Hill Affiliates    Saly Glassman

Junior/Amateur Owner Jumper 1.25M Table II Sec 2c
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st    882    Ti Punch D’emm    Kindle Hill Affiliates    Saly Glassman
2nd    883    Doctori    Kindle Hill Affiliates    Saly Glassman
3rd    652    Gems Bond    Alison Register    Alison Register
4th    902    Wirco Polo    Kristen Landino    Kristen Landino

$2,000 M&S/NAL WIHS Child/Adult Jumper Classic 1.15M TII,2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st    845    Corvette    Rebecca L. Lannoye    Rebecca L. Lannoye
2nd    914    Cool Water    Sam Beiter    Sam Beiter
3rd   714    Angel-O    Siboney Ranch    Brigitte Harbers
4th    841    Dali    Jorge Verswyvel    Tatianna Verswyvel
5th    901    New Jersey     Sweet Oak Farm    Olivia Notman
6th    898    Bram S Despereaux    Jillian Berger    Jillian Berger
7th    900    Till The End    Charly M. Miller    Charly M. Miller
8th   899    Coco    Taryn Lagor    Brenda Obreson

Child and Adult Jumper 1.15M Table II Sec 2c
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   914    Cool Water    Sam Beiter    Sam Beiter
2nd   896    Forever Z    Tiffany Avon    Tiffany Avon
3rd   900    Till The End    Charly M. Miller    Charly M. Miller
4th   897    Oak Park Clover    Haley Cassidy    Haley Cassidy
5th   901    New Jersey     Sweet Oak Farm    Olivia Notman
6th   714    Angel-O    Siboney Ranch    Brigitte Harbers
7th   898    Bram S Despereaux    Jillian Berger    Jillian Berger

Low Schooling Jumper 1.10-1.15M Table II, 2.1
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   857    Questionnaire     Newsprint Farms    Pablo Mejia

Low Schooling Jumper 1.10-1.15M Table II, Sec 2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   845    Corvette    Rebecca L. Lannoye    Rebecca L. Lannoye
2nd   913    Guinteroc C    Angela Covert    Angela Covert
3rd   899    Coco    Taryn Lagor    Brenda Obreson

Medium Schooling Jumper 1.20-1.25M Table II, 2.1
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   830    Dafina    Jose Miguez    Diego Gonzalez
2nd   670    Balous Boy    Applied Floriac LLC       Eric Flameng
3rd   843    Ideal S    Karyn Foley    Karyn Foley
4th   731    Ladriano Z    Blue Star Investments    Camilo Robayo
5th   828    Expresso    Holly Caristo    Martha Redman
6th   804    Vigaro    Page E. Tredennick    Charlotte Currey

Medium Schooling Jumper 1.20-1.25M Table II, Sec 2b
Place   Entry    Horse     Owner     Rider
1st   926    Brayn    INS Rosehill    Lauren Hough



 The Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour offers their popular 1.40m Invitational Grand Prix for its third year, with an open in gate format taking place once a week at beautiful venues throughout Wellington. The Ridge at Wellington Grand Prix Finale will take place March 27, 2015.

The Turf Tour also will host 1.30m-1.35m Jumpers every Wednesday beginning January 7, 2015 and running until March 18, 2015.

Young Jumper Classes and both Children’s/Senior Jumper Classics will find their home intermittently throughout the Wellington Turf Tour, running concurrently with the 1.30-1.35m and 1.40m Jumpers.

The Ridge at Wellington offers Equitation Shows every Tuesday of the month from January 6 – March 23, 2015. There will also be a series of schooling shows at the Ridge at Wellington for all experience levels.

Two USHJA International Hunter Derbies will take place February 6, 2015 and March 20, 2015.


The Ridge at Wellington series includes several weeks of competition throughout the Winter Season with USEF Rated Equitation Shows. This winter will also feature five two-day schooling shows. The Ridge at Wellington Turf Tour will offer 1.30m-1.35m Jumpers, 1.40m Invitational Grand Prix, Young Jumpers, Children’s/Adult Classics, Masters Jumpers, Junior/Amateur Classics, two hunter derbies and the Pre-Green Incentive Stake.

Barn & Show Phone 561-791-1471 | Barn Fax 561-791-1543

Where: The Ridge at Wellington,  14415 Palm Beach Pt. Blvd,  Wellington, FL, 33414

2015 Winter Schedule

Wellington Turf Tour:  

1.40 Ridge at Wellington Invitational Grand Prix

  • Friday, February 13, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Friday, February 20, 2015: TBA
  • Friday, February 27, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Friday, March 6, 2015: TBA
  • Friday, March 13, 2015: TBA
  • Saturday, March 21, 2015: TBA
  • FINALE – Saturday, March 27, 2015

1.30m-1.35m Jumpers:

  • Wednesday, February 11, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Wednesday, February 18, 2015: TBA
  • Wednesday, February 25, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2015: TBA
  • Wednesday, March 11, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Wednesday, March 18, 2015: TBA
  • Wednesday, March 25, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach

Young Jumpers:

  • Wednesday, February 18, 2015: TBA
  • Wednesday, March 4, 2015: TBA

Low Junior/Amateur, Masters, & Child/Adult Jumper Classics:

  • Friday, February 27, 2015: International Polo Club Palm Beach
  • Friday, March 20, 2015: TBA

USHJA International & National Hunter Derbies/Pre-Green Incentive Stake:

  • Friday, March 20, 2015: The Ridge at Wellington

PALM BEACH SERIESHeld at The Ridge at Wellington 

December 13-14, January 10-11, February 14-15 and March 13-14


January 6, 13, 20, 27
February 3, 10, 17, 24
March 3, 10, 17, 24

8:00am – 4 pm daily

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During Show – Telephone: (561) 791-1471, Fax: (561) 791-1543
Text: (908) 500-0996

Website: www.TheRidgeFarm.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/359668144211383/

Nona Garson
14415 Palm Beach Point Blvd. East
Wellington, FL, 33414
(561) 791-1471 (show office)
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(561) 791-1543 (show fax)
Email:  RidgeShows@aol.com 
Website: TheRidgeFarm.com

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For more information about the Ridge at Wellington please go to www.theridgefarm.com. For up-to-date information please follow the Ridge at Wellington on Facebook.