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I’m so excited to introduce myself and this style feature to you! My name is Brandi Cyrus, and I wear a lot of hats in the entertainment industry: TV host, musician, model, fashion blogger – it seems like a lot, but they all coincide with one another. The thing that I am the most proud, however, is that I am an equestrian. I’ve been riding for over 20 years, and not a day goes by that I don’t love it as much as the day I started. I’ve evolved from riding the trails with my dad as a kid, to Pony Club and competitive eventing as a teenager, to transitioning into the Hunter/Jumper A circuit over the past several years. My current horse is the one you see in the photos. Her name is Everlasting, (called Ever around the barn) and she is a seven year old Trakehner/Thoroughbred mare that I bought almost two years ago as a training prospect. Since then, she has gone from learning the basics of training, to competing in the low Adult Amateur jumper division. She is so athletic and such a fast learner that I have no doubt she will continue to move up quickly! I travel a ton for work, but when I’m home in Nashville, I am 100% dedicated to Ever and her training. I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours a day at the barn with her. It is SO rewarding to bring a young horse along. I’ve always had green horses, and enjoyed having a project, but this is the first one I’ve started from scratch. She really has become such a fantastic little horse, and I couldn’t be happier with her!

So as I mentioned, I’m a fashion blogger. I have a site called Style Native where I blog about my favorite street style outfits, and the occasional red carpet or event that I attend. I’ve always loved the idea of having a style, and the amount of creative room to express your personality and who you are through what you wear. I chose the name because I love the meaning of the word “native.” The definition is “that which is innate and belonging to a person’s character.” What you wear should reflect exactly who you are!

I started my blog about a year ago, and since day one I knew I wanted to not only blog about street wear, but also equestrian attire. After all, if I’m honest, I’m probably in riding clothes more often than street clothes! Although I’m all about the traditional essence of equestrian fashion, I do think there is room to personalize it and make it your own. Especially when it comes to schooling attire! So that’s what this is – I’m going to show you how I put my own spin on my riding outfits, and share some of my favorite products!


What i’m wearing: BiziBee Performance Polo, Equine Couture Regatta Breeches, Eiki Custom Dress Boots, and my own belt.

I love how lightweight and airy this shirt is! It’s just trendy enough with the neon green logo, but still has a classic polo shirt silhouette. This is clearly a schooling attire outfit, so I paired it with navy breeches that are super low rise for a modern fit. The dark navy makes for a great contrast with the green logo on the shirt. I accessorized with my own metallic navy studded belt to give the look some personality! I love crossing some of my street wear into my Eq wear!

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What i’m wearing: BiziBee Performance Quarter Zip, Kathryn Lily Competition Shirt in Lilac, Tailored Sportsman Low Rise Breeches, Eiki Custom Dress Boots

This is the type of attire I like to wear in the lower level jumper classes I do with Ever. You can get away with being way more casual than this, but I like to wear something that still looks polished so I feel dressed up enough for a horse show! I layered a lilac colored competition shirt under this silver zip-up shirt because I like the casual look of the zip-up with the white cuffs and collar of the one underneath. I also love seeing just that hint of lilac underneath the silver! This color combo looks so great on Ever’s grey coat, and if you look close, my Ogilvy half pad has lilac piping too! Since I’ve got a lot going on up top, I stuck with traditional beige breeches and a simple wide black belt. I also want to rave about my tall boots… they’re my favorite!! They’re actually super reasonably priced for custom boots. I went with a simple dress boot with a square toe, and a patent trim along the top of the boot for a little glam. Just enough to stand out without sacrificing traditional style!

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Photos courtesy of: Tausaha Ann Photography.

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