From the Barn to the Town: Brandi Cyrus, Style Native

By Brandi Cyrus of

This article if from the 2015 July/August Pony Issue of The Plaid Horse Magazine – read the full issue here

I’ve got some great products to share with you this month! I’m loving a couple of really great accessories that are both on-trend, and very practical. To mix things up a bit, I decided to start with a look that will take you straight from the barn to the town. You’ll be ready for whatever the day has for you with this great look! I’ve got a riding shirt you NEED to beat this heat, as well as a great color combination to rock in your next big jumper class or medal final.

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LOOK 1: WHAT I’M WEARING –  Skull Cashmere linen sweater, Equine Couture Natasha breechesKatherine Page Devon sandals, Oughton Limited handbag

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone straight from the barn to dinner, or hopped off a horse and headed straight to watch the Grand Prix at a show. Wearing a darker color breech makes for an easy transition to a nice pulled together look. These sandals are not only a great style, but they’re also made of the same leather and stitching as our bridles! So cute! Skull Cashmere is a street wear brand that I’m constantly crossing over into my riding attire. They make these wonderful linen sweaters for spring and summer. The color of the sweater, and the stitching on these breeches, match this stunning Oughton bag perfectly. Another chic equestrian inspired design!

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LOOK 2: WHAT I’M WEARING – EIS Cool Shirt, Kingsland breeches,
Equiline Show Jacket, Anna Scarpati tote bag, Eiki custom dress boots

I’m pretty sure it’s ridiculously hot all over the country, but it’s especially scorching in Nashville! This EIS shirt is perfect for schooling and showing. Worn alone, it keeps you protected from the sun, and even under a jacket the vented sleeves help keep you cool. I like the fun, bright colors for schooling days, but this white one is great for summer horse shows. I love these white breeches with just a hint of sparkle on each of the pockets. They’re made of a quality durable material that makes for a more flattering fit, which I really appreciate when it comes to these white pants! This Scarpati bag looks great in a patent black, and it’s made of a durable material so it can withstand being thrown around a bit at the shows. It’s able to carry all of the necessary equipment like extra spurs, alternate bits, etc. Finally, can I just say how much I LOVE a dark navy jacket with white breeches? Beige, tan, and buff just don’t give navy the attention it deserves like the contrast on white does.

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Photos courtesy of: Tausaha Ann Photography.

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