Dinosaurs to Invade The New Albany Classic

By Lisa Hinson

[New Albany, Ohio] – For the first time ever, The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day will feature not only Olympic-caliber horses and exotic animals from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, but slightly older and more extinct animals as well. Thanks to the Columbus-based Fachman family, world-renowned animatronic, prop and theme park attraction experts, dinosaurs will roam New Albany on September 20th during the 18th annual New Albany Classic.


Photo courtesy of Scarefactory, Inc.

Combining both his proprietary “life-sized” dinosaurs with actual creatures used in the Jurassic Park movies in the 1990s, David Fachman is partnering with The Classic to create an interactive exhibit that is designed to not only entertain, but inspire attendees young and old.

“Many people develop a life-long fascination with dinosaurs, as evidenced by this summer’s blockbuster success of Jurassic World,” Fachman said. “This display will feature an opportunity to see, touch and experience dinosaurs in a way that most people couldn’t imagine. It will serve almost as a museum not only to these prehistoric creatures, but lost movie-making arts as well. To see the T-Rex head that rammed a car in Jurassic Park and to see the marks left from that scene…that’s something you can’t get from today’s pervasive computer graphics.”

The tent will feature a faux rock façade with a large, animated T-Rex skeleton lording over a domain camouflaged with cargo netting and vines. Inside, visitors will be able to walk amongst dinosaurs including velociraptors, brachiosaurus and stegosaurus.

“To have these one-of-a-kind works of art here at The Classic is truly a treat,” said Stephanie Lorenz, Event Director for The Classic. “We try to add unique new elements that keep the event fresh and keep the families coming back year after year. Dinosaurs certainly fit the bill and I cannot wait to see our guests’ reactions to these prehistoric creatures.”


Photo courtesy of Scarefactory, Inc.

The “Dinosaurs at The Classic” exhibit will stand alongside other family day activities like the “Dance, Sing and Roar!” stage (featuring performances by BalletMet, new to The Classic,Columbus Children’s Theatre and Royal Arts Sport Fencing Academy, as well as appearances by animal ambassadors from the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium) and the Appalachian Arts Studio chainsaw carvers to create an unparalleled festival atmosphere for visitors of all ages.

Founded in 1998, The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day has become a family tradition for many, with an average of 14,000 guests attending each year. In 2014, more than 18,000 eager visitors descended on the Wexner Residence, where the event has been held since its inception. Thanks to the overwhelming support of central Ohio, as well as the countless out-of-town attendees who travel to New Albany just for the event, The Classic has raised over $25 million for The Center for Family Safety and Healing (TCFSH) since its founding. TCFSH is a Columbus non-profit that is dedicated to breaking the cycle of family violence. With the support of The Classic, TCFSH is able to continue to do its critical work within the community.

Tickets for The New Albany Classic went on sale in June and are available via Ticketmaster and Ticketmaster outlets, at Easton Town Center Guest Services, the CAPA Ticket Center and the Philip Heit Center for Healthy New Albany. Adult tickets are $23 and youth tickets (4-10 years) are $7.50. Rides are included in the cost of the tickets. No tickets are required for children under 4.

About The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day

The New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix & Family Day presented by JPMorgan Chase and Co. will take place on Sunday, September 20th, from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Wexner home in New Albany, Ohio. The event raises more than $1.7 million for The Center for Family Safety and Healing and features a lively country fair for families, Concert at The Classic presented by Justice, an ascena retail company, and an international show jumping competition among Olympic equestrians and their mounts for $125,000 in prize money. Since its inception, The Classic has raised more than $25 million to support The Center for Family Safety and Healing to break the cycle of family violence and to restore hope. In 2015, The Classic was named the #1 Specialty Equestrian Event by the North American Riders Group for the third year in a row.

Announcements about concert acts, additional entertainment, riders competing and more are made in the weeks leading up to The Classic.  Stay in-the-know by following us on social media, including FacebookInstagram, Pinterest, Snapchat (@NAClassic), Twitter and YouTube.