Equestrian Style Spotlight: Adi Kissilevich

By Jennie Carleton

As a connoisseur of all things equestrian, I couldn’t help but fall head over heels for these bags by Adi Kissilevich. The more I learned about Adi, her story, and her products, the more convinced I became it was something I had to share with everyone who hasn’t yet discovered this fabulous woman and her brand. So, let’s start with a little background courtesy of their impressive website.

“The motto “Passion for Elegance” is Adi Kissilevich’s dedication to her world of creation. She learned the secrets of craftsmanship while growing up in Guatemala and has been inspired by her life-long devotion to Equestrianism.”

“Adi left Guatemala to pursue her love of design in Milan, where she completed her BA in Fashion and Textiles. It is here that she developed the understanding that a simple design is not enough, she learnt the importance of incorporating, and identifying, the finest grade materials to bring her creations to life. Her unique flare, combined with strong attention to detail, is evident in the beauty of her brand.”

Now for the bags! First stop, ‘The Cruiser Collection.”


I’m not sure if I can pick just one favorite, but this may very well be it! This is ‘The Ring Bag.’ I used to school my equitation horse, Sterling, in this bit, and I love how it’s used here.


The bags are also incredibly versatile.


The award for best use of a curb chain goes to ‘The Clutch Bag,’ Shown below.


I should mention, these bags are all available in a variety of colors, etc., and the brand’s website is absolutely top notch, providing tons of information.

Next in the Cruiser collection is a piece that rivals The Ring Bag for my favorite: ‘The Hackamore Bag.’



If you’ve seen a more stunning use of a hackamore please let me know, because as far as I’m concerned, this is IT. Above we see ‘The Hackamore Bag‘ in Camel (my personal favorite,) but it’s also available in black and, as shown below, blue.

0HC blue

Last, but by no means least, in The Cruiser Collection is ‘The Snaffle Bag.’



The Snaffle Bag‘ is available is Chocolate, Nude, or Black.

Now for The Nur Collection.

First off, the bag with my favorite strap in this collection: ‘The Star Bag.’



The Star Bag‘ is available in four different colors: Croco, Snake, Black & Chestnut.

Next in the Nur Collection: ‘The Bubble Bag‘ which sports a little southwest flair.




Available in Argento, Tan, or Dark Silver.

Now for those of you who are either, like me and incapable of “traveling light,” or simply need more room for more legitimate reasons, behold ‘The Passionate Travel Bag.’


What I really love is ‘The Passionate Travel Bag – Pinto.” Take a look below!




Finally, we come to ‘The Pelham Computer Bag,’ which, for me, is the pièce de résistance in this collection because, as those of you who know me can attest, I don’t go anywhere without my laptop.


This bag comes in Midnight Black (above) and Brown Coffee (below.)


The details on this piece are incredible…





Let me also add, in closing, that Adi is one of the sweetest people. Her motto of “Passion for Elegance” couldn’t be more fitting.

I’ve provided links to the Adi Kissilevich website and to each product throughout this blog, but here are links to follow this brand on Facebook and Instagram as well.