Tack Trunk Essentials

By Estelle Kraft

We’ve all been there. Standing over your open tack trunk and thinking, “I really should have packed that.” In this case, “that” could be anything from a bandaid to an extra pair of boot laces. Here is a list of some of the things you’ll want in your tack trunk at all times just in case of an accident or emergency situation:


Extra hairnets – sometimes they rip.

Hair ties – you’ll need a million of these, I mean literally a million.

Gloves – a spare pair never hurts!

Spurs and/or crop – rounded or not, big or small, long or short, bat or whip.

Groom Box: Hard brush, soft brush, flick brush, curry comb or curry mitt or metal curry comb, hoof pick, hoof polish, mane/tail brush, sponge, towel, fly spray, show sheen, and rubbing alcohol.

Saddle soap and conditioner – keep that leather clean!

First Aid Kit – Neosporin, hand sanitizer, Advil or Tylenol.

Black Sharpie/pen – write on that blue ribbon!

Sunscreen – especially in the summer heat.

Water Bottles – stay hydrated.

Granola Bars – you’ll get hungry.

Tampons/Pads – for when it’s that time of the month.

Treats – you have to give the horses a reward, obviously!
I hope you have thought about some more things you might want to have in your trunk besides the basics!


About Estelle: Estelle Kraft, 15, of San Diego, CA, rides with Leah Von Henkle as a working student. She currently shows in Medal and Equitation Classes on the AA/A and County circuit. You can follow her on Instagram at @estellemkraft and @perffect.equ.

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