Hunt For The Cure

By Bailey Williams


Cancer. It’s a word and disease that hurts us all. Either we have been personally affected, or we know someone who has had to go through the tough time that one word brings. Cancer, is one word that can control a person in so many ways. It controls the way you act, the way you feel, and most of all, the way you live your life. Sometimes it’s hard to find a positive when the “C” word is around, but for one person, it has been easy.


When cancer hit her family, Bailey Williams, knew she wanted to take this word and make a difference. As an avid equestrian, Bailey had the idea to start Hunt for the Cure. It is a special talent when you have the desire to give back to something that has taken a lot from you, but for Williams it was a no-brainer.


With Hunt for the Cure, Williams travels to local horse shows sharing her products and passion to make a difference with others. At her booth, you can find something for all ages. Items sold at her booth include: pink bracelets, hair ribbons, belts, shirts, and hats.  What is the best part you may ask? Well, 60% of the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society. Not only will you be getting cute merchandise, but also you will be making a difference. Some horse shows have taken it a step further and hosted a “Pink Day” horse show.  These shows have special classes and events dedicated to Hunt for the Cure!



Bailey Williams has taken a word we all hate, and given it a positive life. Not in the area for a Hunt for the Cure booth? Merchandise is also sold online at On the site you can find merchandise, show opportunities, and volunteer forms. Contact Bailey Williams to get on the calendar for a booth or a “Pink Day” show. Together we can make a difference. Together we can show the world more birthdays.