Brandi Cyrus Style Native – November 2015

By Brandi Cyrus of

This article if from the 2015 November/December Education Issue of The Plaid Horse Magazine

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Look 1: Manfredi jacket with snakeskin collar and Tailored Sportsman tan breeches

For the first look, I picked the snakeskin print collar and paired it with tan breeches for a classic look with some edge. Snakeskin print is a big trend in fashion this year, so it’s great to have the option of wearing it into the show ring in a subtle way! I’m so excited about this competition jacket by Manfredi! The collar is interchangeable and they have SO many pretty colors and unique prints. I like to plan my show attire based on the ring I’m riding in, the color my horse is, the mood I’m in that day… and the list goes on! Having the opportunity to wear different collars with one jacket is fantastic! Not to mention, this jacket is super lightweight and stretchy, so it moves with your body, and the fabric is vented to keep you cool.

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Look 2: Manfredi jacket with grey suede collar and Kingsland white breeches

For the second look, I switched out the collar to a more traditional dark grey suede. I paired that with white breeches for a monochromatic look, which I always love to wear when I’m on my grey horse. This jacket also has a beautiful aqua lining and bold stitching that sets it apart.

Brandi_Cyrus_Plaid_Horse_Nov_Issue-22 Brandi_Cyrus_Plaid_Horse_Nov_Issue-25

Look 3: Skull Cashmere ombre sweater and Kingsland white breeches

I recently got this cashmere sweater from one of my favorite brands, Skull Cashmere. I’ve been wearing these sweaters riding for a while, and now I’m starting to see other girls wearing them at the horse shows. I think that’s so awesome, because they come in so many different colors and prints! From preppy to edgy, and everything in between, there’s a style for everyone. They offer sweaters that are 100% cashmere, which are great for winter, and others that are blends more appropriate for warmer climates. I love this new ‘ombre’ color, and got tons of compliments on it when I wore it into the jumper ring for my warm up classes last month at Brownland!

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Photos courtesy of: Tausaha Ann Photography.

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