10 Easy Things to Add to Your Show Bag to Make Life Easier & Better

Photo by Vyla Carter


1. Advil® 10 Tablet Vials– The mini Advil vials are super easy to transport, and having it on hand makes showing more enjoyable. You can find them at drug stores, grocery stores, etc. for around $2 a vile! Whether you took a spill, had to do no stirrups work, or have a pre-show headache, taking a couple Advil can make it so much better! (Also a good idea to add in some allergy medicine or any other medicine you take.) 

2. Sunglasses– Perfect for sunny horse show days! Having a pair on hand will mean you will never be stuck squinting and can put them away whenever you like. If you can find a collapsable pair all the better for transport.

3. Sprayable Body Sunscreen– My favorite is Banana Boat® Sport Performance with Coolzone SPF 30! It cools and refreshes you as soon as you put it on and won’t sweat off! You can find perfect backpack sized bottles at most grocery stores and stores like Target & Wal-Mart for around $2!

4. Tube of Face Sunscreen– My favorite is Neutrogena® UltraSheer Dry-Touch for around $12! I use it because I have sensitive skin, it is good for your skin, and it is very water resistant. An alternative is Banana Boat® Kids SPF 50 which is great because it is super water resistant and is only about $3 for a small tube! An important thing to do before you pack your bag is to put a little sunscreen on your face and make sure it doesn’t make your face sting. It is much better to find out at home than at a show!

5. A hairbrush– Because although we may not admit it we all get nasty helmet hair and with two minutes of brushing it’s gone!

6. Extra Rubber Bands/Hair ties– These ALWAYS seem to get lost so having extras on hand is awesome! Whether you need to put your hair in a hairnet to show or just want it up and out of the way, rubber bands are a show bag must have.

7. Mini Deodorant/AntiPerspirant–  I like the Secret® mini or travel-sized the best. Sometimes after you ride it’s great to refresh the deodorant to give yourself a clean feel and not worry.

8. Vaseline® or Lip BalmVaseline® travel-sized (around $2) and Burt’s Bees® are my favorites! Keeping your lips moisturized will be so much more comfortable and these do the trick. Vaseline® has a clean feel and no taste or smell while you can get Burt’s Bees® in different kinds (my favorite is “Rejuvenating!)

9. Mini Face Wash– My absolute favorite is Clean&Clear® Morning Burst Minis! They are the perfect size, last a good amount of washes, and are only around $1! It is the perfect refresher after you ride and is great for getting all the sweat off your face to prevent acne!

10. Tide® To Go– This is a lifesaver! As hard as we try let’s admit sometimes it just isn’t possible to handle horses and keep white or tan breeches & white show shirts show ready! These pens can take almost anything out of your clothes and aren’t damaging to your clothes or messy! You can find them for around $3 almost anywhere, and they are worth it 10 times over!

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