A Great Year for 1.8 Million Equines thanks to The Brooke

unnamed (4)In 2015 the Brooke reached a record 1.8 million equines, benefiting 10 million people in the developing world, but their work has just begun! 

For more than eight decades, the Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare charity, has been the driving force in lessening the suffering of working equine animals all over the world. And it’s no easy task. There are more 100 million equines in the developing world, working to support more than 600 million of the poorest people on earth.

Brooke USAIn developing countries, motorized vehicles are not an option for the majority of the population, so it is not unusual for an entire extended family to depend on the work of a single horse or donkey for all their needs. But even beyond the needs of individual families, there are entire communities – even entire nations – that rely on the work of these crucial and patient animals. Unfortunately, ignorance and desperation created by extreme poverty often lead equine owners to overwork, mistreat, and neglect the very animals who provide a livelihood for them. Consequently literally millions of equines are laboring through chronic pain, malnourishment, dehydration, and crippling lameness – all of which are preventable when owners receive training from the Brooke.

Brooke USA

An average of at least six family members rely on each working equine throughout the world

The Brooke provides scientifically proven, practical, sustainable solutions to enormous equine welfare challenges in the developing world. They work in communities where many people and their animals earn less than a dollar a day. The Brooke’s programs alleviate the suffering of animals through free veterinary intervention and by training owners in better animal husbandry skills. Both animals and the people who depend on them benefit immediately and for generations to come.

This past year, thanks to the help of Brooke donors and staff worldwide the Brooke improved the welfare of a record number of equines in 11 countries across Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Central America.

Brooke USA, the American division of the Brooke, enhances and expands this vital work through fundraising to support their overseas programs.

With continued support from generous donors the Brooke will achieve its goal of reaching an additional 2 million equines benefiting 12 million people in 2016!

For more information about Brooke USA or to become a Brooke USA supporter, please contact Cindy Rullman, cindy.rullman@brookeusa.org, 859-296-0037 or go to www.brookeusa.org.

About Brooke USA

The Brooke is the world’s largest international equine welfare charity. For more than 80 years, the Brooke has alleviated the suffering of horses, donkeys, and mules who work in some of the poorest communities on earth. The Brooke’s scientifically proven, practical, and sustainable solutions to enormous welfare challenges improve the lives of equine animals and the people who depend on them across Africa, Asia, and Central America. Last year alone, the Brooke reached 1.8 million equines, benefiting 10 million people in the developing world. Brooke USA is a 501(c)(3) charity located at the Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, which exists solely to support the overseas work of the Brooke. To learn more visit www.BrookeUSA.org.