Vendor Viewpoint: Voltaire Design

voltaire 3By Irene Elise Powlick

To the tune of French pop music, I sat down with Lindsey Spurgeon of Seattle, and Antoine Debnicki from Belgium, now residing in Los Angeles, at the Voltaire Design booth at HITS Thermal. Voltaire has been around for five years, celebrating their fifth anniversary in August, but despite their relatively new status they have built up an expansive string of sponsored riders including Beezie Madden, Vinton Karrasch, and Ashlee Bond. With the release of the new “smart” saddle I was prompted to find out more about this innovative company.

TPH: Tell me about Voltaire Design

LS: We do custom fit sport-chic sport saddles. We do saddles for hunter/jumpers, eventing, and dressage. We like to take a lot of time out for our clients to do a nice, proper fitting, and we normally take about two hours to focus on them, their needs and likes, and we customize everything down to the absolute tiniest detail. We also follow up quite a bit with customers and we want to make sure that once their saddle comes that they are happy with it.

TPH: Where do you retail? What shows are you at?

LS: We are at HITS Thermal & Ocala, the Wellington winter shows, Rolex, Thunderbird, Spruce Meadows. Really, everywhere! We try to cover as many shows as possible, so you’ll see us everywhere. We are also very available, very easy to get a hold of, it just takes a quick phone call and we’ll schedule something.

TPH: What is unique about Voltaire’s products?

AD: The fit for the horse and the extent to which we customize. We will literally do anything the rider wants. We are now putting our logo on saddles, flags of rider’s countries. They are so cool!

LS: The fit for the horse. We can custom the fit more than any other saddle brand. Everything is looked at analytically and we have a conversation, we want to take the time to see how the horse goes, what the rider likes. We just want to take the time to make the perfect saddle.

Voltaire 1TPH: What are your favorite Voltaire products?

LS: My favorite product is our hunter girth. It goes along with our girthing system where the billets are attached separately from the tree which helps stabilizes the saddle on the horses back, and our hunter girth goes along with that. It’s a wider girth and it makes the saddle nice and stable on the horse’s back.

AD: My favorite is the Palm Beach saddle! I love this saddle [Buffalo grain] because it’s so classy. The grain leather is like how they use to be back in the days when they had very nice, soft tack. It’s like the perfect saddle for a guy, I think!

LS: My favorite saddle is the new saddle coming out! The Blue Wing™ saddle!

TPH: Tell me about the new Blue Wing™ Saddle.

LS: It’s incredible!! We have the smart ride tree, which completely unleashes the horse’s potential. We have the shock absorbing foam, and the saddle has been tested at UC Davis. There’s a little connected device that can summarize the ride, I think we are having a launch in Thermal that you have to be at!