Catching Up With: Lisa Goldman

IMG_8256By Intern Dominique Gonzalez

Lisa Goldman has been on fire during the 2016 HITS Ocala circuit, winning and placing in almost every Grand Prix she’s entered. She took home the wins for the $50,000 Tuffrider/Equine Couture Grand Prix, two $25,000 SmartPak Grand Prixs, $2,500 Brook Ledge Open Welcome, and the $10,000 Open Prix, among other impressive placings. Placing consistently in the top is challenging for any rider but she has kept her attitude positive and her work consistent.

Where is home for you?

Chicago, Illinois at Red Coat Farm.

I see you have different techniques than other Grand Prix riders. No martingale or gloves, how come?

My horses haven’t found the need for a martingale, they like to have more freedom so I let them be. They like to have their head more so I don’t mess with them. I just don’t like gloves never really have, unless it’s really cold outside or for the hunters.

As we’ve seen your season has started out with a bang hasn’t it? Can you talk about the big wins of last year and this year so far?

My horses have been incredible, these wins have been really great and amazing. It’s really rewarding when they do so well. I’ve had the two wins with my little Morocco and it has been amazing. Cowboy, Morocco’s barn name, hadn’t won a $50,000 one yet but he finally did and he was amazing during the class. Last year I won the $65,000 “Betsy” Grand Prix in Kentucky, I was 3rd and 7th too I believe. It was a really great accomplishment

IMG_8379Can you talk about your horses a bit more, their quirks and all?

Morocco is more like my pet dog than my horse! His nickname is Cowboy and he’s quite character. He’ll come running to you when you call his name. He’ll also fall you around and run around the ring playfully. He really likes those inflatable balls that you put in the paddock. He’ll try to bite you with his ears forward so you won’t expect it! That’s how he got me last year, I still have the mark!

Rocs to Riches is the younger half-sister to cowboy, I got her when she was 4 coming 5 just like cowboy, she won the 6 year old YJC Midwestern Championship in Kentucky, and she is really coming into herself. Traverse City was really good for her that was a real moment when I could feel her start to make a mark and come into herself. We won the $10,000 Welcome Stake there! She’s been fifth every time this year she really likes the pink! My little girl loves pink! She’s big into cuddling too.

Centurion B’s nickname is Leo, I’ve had him forever he really is my trooper now that he’s turning 14.  He loves to pose for photos. He was the horse I rode my first grand prix on. Unlike Cowboy, he’s less of pet and more like a horse. We had gotten fourth last year in a four-star night class at WEF.

Do you have any plans for the future? Maybe the Million Dollar Grand Prix in Ocala?

I’m not trying to qualify for the Million Dollar Grand Prix in Ocala since we’ll be down at WEF. We’re staying for FEI week in Ocala and then heading to WEF for those last weeks. We have clients that want to go down there. I’ll end up doing some night classes. I might do the Million Dollar in Saugerties though. Of course we will do the Great Lakes and Showplace Productions shows when those series start.

Advice for an up and coming struggling jumper rider trying to find their way?

Make sure you listen to what your horse wants to do. They’re animals and they want to do certain things and let them do it. Stay determined and always have fun.

IMG_8353Any rituals you do before a big class?

I have always worn the same breeches and shirts before big classes. I’m very into finding four leaf clovers! I have a couple five and six leaf clovers in my phone case still! I found a six leaf clover before the $35,000 1.45-m speed at the National Horse Show.

Favorite Moment?

$65,000 Haygard Equine Medical Institute “The Betsy” Grand Prix with Leo, that was really exciting and his breeder, Allyn McCracken, was there to watch. It was a great mome