USHJA 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal Offers Year-End Awards by League

Press Release

Optional Jumping Seat Medal Championship available to be hosted at Zone Championships

The United States Hunter Jumper Association has added year-end awards to the 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal special class for the 2016 competition year. Additionally, USHJA zones are able to apply to host a USHJA 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal Championship during a Zone Championship.

“The 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal offers Junior riders an opportunity to experience an equitation class, similar to that of the Maclay or USET Talent Search, before moving up to 3’6″ and 1.20 meter equitation classes,” said Joint Equitation Task Force Chair Geoff Teall. “The addition of the year-end awards will also allow exhibitors the opportunity to be rewarded for their hard work throughout the year.”

Now in its second year, the USHJA 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal provides Junior exhibitors with the opportunity to develop their equitation skills over a Jumper-style course. New for the 2016 competition year is the addition of year-end awards, which will be awarded to the top 12 riders in both the newly formed Eastern and Western Leagues. USHJA will also allow zones to apply to conduct a 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal Championship at a Zone Championship that will allow exhibitors to earn Zone HOTY points.

Courses for the Jumping Seat Medal classes include at least eight fences set at 1.0m (3’3″) in height, at least one double or triple combination, and at least three spreads from 1.0m to 1.15m (3’3″ to 3’9″). Natural fences, a Liverpool, and a small water jump may also be included at the course designer’s discretion. The medal class is judged on the rider’s equitation style, technical merit, judgment and execution of an efficient, time saving pace and track.

The 3’3″ Jumping Seat Medal is open to Junior active members of the United States Equestrian Federation and the USHJA who have not reached their 18th birthday as of December 1 of the current competition year. Currently, the class is being offered at competitions nationwide in more than 20 states.

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