Style Spotlight: Welsh Wear

By Jordan Cobb

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If you haven’t seen cute shirts and sweaters floating around with a Corgi as its logo, you will soon. Welsh Wear, a new clothing line developed by Nicole Molinaro, has a preppy, fun feel. We stopped to chat with Nicole and learn more. 

TPH: What is the story behind your business? / how did you get started? 

Welsh Wear was launched July 4, 2015! I started Welsh Wear when I realized that there aren’t any preppy or equestrian clothing brands out there that have a Corgi as the logo. My goal has been to establish a brand that would be loved my those who wear “preppy style” clothing as well as equestrians! I want to be one of the few that connects the two, since both groups wear the same style! Corgis have become a go-to dog for many barns, trainers and equestrians, but the breed has also become extremely popular with the general public, thanks to all the adorable videos that get spread around social media!

TPH: Are you looking to expand? 

We are always looking to expand! Right now we are working on getting Welsh Wear picked up by different boutiques, stores and tack shops across the country! 

TPH: What would you say is your favorite show you go to? 

Growing up close to Devon, attending it every year and then working for the show has made a special place in my hear that nothing else could ever really fill! There is a magic at Devon that you really can’t find anywhere else!

TPH: What shows all do you go to? 

Since Welsh Wear is not even a year old, we haven’t really established a consistent show schedule yet, but we are hoping to attend a handful of shows each year. This past year Welsh Wear was available at Pony Finals in Lexington, The Pennsylvania National Horse Show, Washington International Horse Show, Ludwigs Corner Horse Show and HITS Thermal!

TPH: What do you enjoy most about being a vendor at horse shows? 

always enjoy getting to meet the other vendors that have their spaces around you. You really get to know everyone pretty quickly! 

TPH: If you had to pick a few items from what you are carrying, what would be your ideal outfit?

I would pair a gray unisex 1/2 zip with our women’s navy vest and finish it off with one of our new C4 Belts! 

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TPH: Are you a rider?

 Yes I have ridden my whole life. Growing up in Chester County, PA meant you learned how to rider Hunters from the start, but after my parents bought me my first horse, I started competing in western events before I left for college. While in college I was a member of the West Virginia Western IHSA Equestrian Team as well as a student of the WVU Equine Studies Program in college. I currently have an 5 year old OTTB named Rain and a 16 year old Belgian Gelding named Charlie. 

TPH: What is unique about WW? 

And how do you set yourself apart from other companies? I think our plan to cater to both equestrians and non equestrians is unique since most do not really push to do that! I have a dad and brother that came to every show of mine and there was rarely any vendors that would have items for them. I want the families and friends of equestrians to connect with Welsh Wear the same as any equestrian would 

TPH: What is the most fun part about your job?

Being a part of the whole design and production process and then seeing someone post about how much they LOVE that item is the most fun!

TPH: Where do you see the fashion trends going in the future?

I think the whole “preppy style” trend is here to stay for a while and will only grow in popularity. 

TPH: how do you work to fuse preppy style with equestrian functionality? 

I think it is all about balance. Making sure that there are not too many equestrian items and too little generally preppy items and vice versa. I look for items that I would want to wear while riding or would be comfortable with putting on my horses. I really fell in love with preppy style clothing when I joined my sorority in college, Alpha Omicron Pi, so it has been really easy and fun to combine two things I love into one product! 

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TPH: Does the famed Corgi from the logo have a name? 

Yes he does and many equestrians know him! His name is Blake, and he was the Corgi that was always in the Ticket Office during the Devon Horse Show! He picked up the nickname, The Mayor of Devon, because so many people knew him and his mom who was the Executive Director of the show for many years! I worked as the Marketing Director of Devon for just under a year and Blake was the inspiration for the line and the dog that was used to create the logo!