IDKMediaGroup with Progressive Show Jumping, Aiken Charity Horse Show and Alumni Tournament of Champions to Offer Free LIVE Streaming for Equestrian Enthusiasts & Viewers

Press Release

Partnerships bring competitive show jumping to the equestrian community and content distributors, through IDKMediaGroup’s Customized Video Player. All this is available at

DKMediaGroup has launched its summer streaming schedule across the Eastern United States. The schedule offers Live Streams of AA rated horse show of the Top Hunters and Jumpers on the East Coast. Featuring LIVE streams from the Aiken Spring Classic, Aiken Charity Horse Show,

Alumni Tournament of Champions, Blowing Rock Charity Horse Show to name a few.

IDKMediaGroup is the Premiere LIVE streaming and video production company for equestrian events east of the Mississippi. They have streamed over 100 days, in the last year using their custom branded video player available at

Their staff and equipment have been used to stream events at HITS Ocala, Pin Oak Charity horse show, Silver Oaks Jumper Tournament, Elite Show Jumping series, Gulfcoast Winter Classic and others. They successfully streamed over 10 days of coverage from the Oldest running charity horse show in America, Blowing Rock Charity horse show.

Partnering with some of the biggest content distributors in the sector in The Horse Channel,, & Using their extensive social media network IDKMG get the word out. About Your show or sell your horse. For more information about streaming your event or video documentation for your horse show contact Jacob at the office by phone at 978-496-5883 or by email at We can’t wait to talk with you.

The customized video player offers unique sponsorship opportunities for companies looking to reach the high end consumers associated with the equestrian events.

IDKMediaGroup offers the most comprehensive Onsite Personalized Video Services & LIVE Streaming services in the sector.

Follow the schedule of action & daily updates on their on their twitter feed @idkmediagroup or their Facebook page with daily changing content featuring winner videos.

Videos from all rings can be previewed for FREE onsite at their vendor location, and purchased onsite or online at

As part of its workflow, IDKMG developed a database to maintain video archives and competition records for riders and trainers across the country.