Alberta Show Jumpers Announces The ABSJ Medal

Alberta Show Jumpers is proud to present a great new medal class for 2016, open to all ages of junior and amateur riders! This medal will be held at several competitions throughout the show season, with plans to host a year-end final for the top 12 riders in the yearlong series.

The ABSJ Medal is not your average medal class: it is a jumper medal with true emphasis
on developing jumper riders for higher-level competition. ABSJ will provide fantastic prizes and swag for participants throughout the season – check out the specifications that follow, and help build this important competition!

2016 ABSJ Medal Class Specifications


Open to current Equine Canada Junior and Amateur members whose trainers are also current members of the EC. At least three (3) riders must complete the course for the class to receive points.

Class Conditions:

This class is designed as a jumper type equitation class, held in the jumper ring over a jumper course at 1.10m – 1.15m with spreads from 1.10m to 1.25m. The class will be judged under a modified power and speed format (Table II, Sec 2(c)), with no time allowed for the power phase and a 375 meters/minute time allowed for the speed phase.


The class will be judged under the current rules and standards of the EC equitation division modified as follows: this class is judged on the rider’s equitation style, technical merit, judgment, and the execution of an efficient, time saving pace and track with the horse in a frame to minimize knockdowns. Judges are asked to walk the course when possible and where there are striding options the judges are asked not to penalize any option that might be used to achieve the best result appropriate to the individual horse/rider combination. The open numerical scoring system will be used, with a score announced after each round.

An ABSJ Medal class can be found this year at:

– All RMSJ tournaments
– Caledonia Classic
– Victoria Day Welcome
– Edmonton Classic
– Amberlea Jump for Hope Show


Prizes will be awarded to the top 6 placing’s at each show. Plus and additional ‘Top Turn Out’ prize will be awarded at each class presented by Equi-Products. Also an arm band provided to the current winner to wear until the next class takes place at which time the arm band will switch to the next winner throughout the year.

ABSJ hopes to add more classes as the year progresses. Points will accumulate throughout the year, with the top 12 riders qualifying for an ABSJ Medal Final, the date and location have yet to be determined.

If you missed your opportunity to take part in the big medals when you were younger, or if you are a developing jumper rider, this is the class for you!