2016 Devon Pony Sportsmanship Award Winner Luke Jensen

By Ella Baltus [Photos by Irene Elise Powlick]

The 2016 Devon Pony Sportsmanship Award is award is sponsored by Pony Tail Bows and the owner, Tracey Currey.

I had the pleasure to interview this year’s winner of the 2016 Devon Pony Sportsmanship Award, Luke Jensen

Q: How old are you and how long have you been riding?
A: I am 12 years old and I have been riding for as long as I can remember.

Q: What division did you show in this weekend and what is your pony’s name?
A:  The regular medium ponies and my pony’s name is Highland’s Heaven Sent or “Haven”.

Q: What barn do you ride with?
A: Over the Hill Farm in Florida


Q: What was your favorite part about Devon
A: I just really enjoyed how intense the show was, but when you left the ring it is just so fun with the fair, the pony hunt teams, and all the other fun stuff you have.

Q: Who is your horse/pony crush?
A: Probably Brunello, I just love that horse.  I even know him.

Q: What does sportsmanship mean to you?
A: I just think it is really important because no one wants to be around you if you don’t have good sportsmanship, and it is also a huge part of integrity.