Movie Review: Emma’s Chance

By Sydney Lowe

I was extremely fortunate to represent The Plaid Horse at the screening of the film Emma’s Chance. Emma’s Chance is about a teenage girl who goes down the wrong path and has to face the consequences. She volunteers at Red Bucket Equine Rescue and learns a lot, not only about herself, but about the horses. She finally realizes that being happy with herself and doing the right thing is more important than being cool. Emma’s Chance is a lovely story the love of a horse. It is passionate and charming.

The writer/director did a fantastic job making a movie that explains horse rescues and the value of horses to all equestrians. I applaud her and her creativity. Red Bucket Equine Rescue is an amazing facility and the story behind it is incredibly touching. Susan Pearce, owner and founder, appears to care very much about every horse. She is teaching all of her volunteers what horsemanship really is. The movie was moving and in the words of Susan Pearce, “it is a movie of and for the horses.” It is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Please visit to learn more about this amazing program and the story of “Chance.” Rescues are supported by private donations, and every one counts.  Visit the website, appreciate their work, and support their efforts.

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