Little Horse, Big Heart

By Chloe Kuhlmann

You’ve heard of a dog learning to sit and lie down but what about a horse? Shay is an 8-year-old 35” tall miniature horse who can perform an abundance of tricks like sitting, jumping, and rearing on command.

Isabel Simon, age 14,  has formed an unbreakable bond with Shay in the last year while teaching her these amazing tricks. Simon teaches Shay using a form of training known as liberty, a training method that relies solely on bond and trust.

You can find Simon and Shay strutting their stuff at trick conventions in sunny Southern California. Their goal is to be in a movie or to someday be a part of the Cavalia Liberty show. Simon and Shay will continue to work hard to achieve their goals. If you want to make a forever friend there are lots of miniature horses who need good homes.

“She was not a nice mini and she didn’t know anything but how to bite,” Simon said, and look at Shay now. If you put a little effort into something you never know where you might end up, and they might show you a few tricks along they way.

With love and patience, this one-trick mini turned out to be the best prodigy Simon could ever hope for. Teaching her from the ground up has helped both of them grow well past their pre-conceived limits.



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