USHJA Enhances USHJA Outreach Program with Greater Flexibility and More Classes for 2017


Lexington, Ky. —–   October 24, 2016 —–   The United States Hunter Jumper Association is enhancing the USHJA Outreach Program with new classes and competition categories. The enhancements will take effect for the 2017 competition year, beginning December 1, 2016.

“We are excited to provide the hunter/jumper community in the unrecognized competition environment with more opportunities,” said Kevin Price, USHJA executive director. “These enhancements are about providing flexibility and rewarding great riding among hunter/jumper equestrians wherever they are from crossrails through 3-foot jumpers.”

In the new structure of the Outreach Program, competitions will be organized into two categories to help set member expectations and provide added flexibility for members and competition managers. Category One competitions are those most similar to prior Outreach competitions and are offered at an unrecognized or local competition. Category Two competitions expand the Outreach competition model to encourage USEF-recognized competitions to host Outreach classes alongside their rated competition.

Beginning in 2017, USHJA will offer both hunter, jumper and hunt seat equitation Outreach classes with fence heights ranging from crossrails/18″ to 3’0″. Specific classes are:

  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 18″/Crossrail
  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 2’0″
  • USHJA Outreach Hunters 2’6″
  • USHJA Outreach Hunter Derby (set at 2’6″ with options set at 2’9″)
  • USHJA Outreach Walk/Trot/Canter Medal Class
  • USHJA Outreach 2’0″ Medal Class
  • USHJA Outreach 2’6″ Medal Class
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2’3″ (.70m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2’6″ (.75m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 2’9″ (.85m)
  • USHJA Outreach Jumpers 3’0″ (.90m)

All other previously offered classes through the Outreach Program are no longer available to be hosted in 2017.

Anyone meeting the class specifications may compete in Outreach Hunter and Jumper classes, while Outreach Medal classes are restricted to USHJA members only. Competitors who are USHJA members can earn national awards based on their points accrued throughout the competition year at three levels-bronze (30-49 points per year), silver (50-74 points per year) and gold (75 or more points per year). In addition to recognition for all riders earning at least 30 points, the top six riders in each zone per Outreach section will receive year-end awards.

The USHJA Outreach Program aims to offer hunter/jumper competitors at the local/unrecognized level an opportunity to earn national recognition. For more information about the USHJA Outreach Program and to view the specifications, visit

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