TPH Review: Fleeceworks Classic Full Hunter Pad

By Betsy Kelley 

I am one of those lucky few whose childhood best friend is now my senior horse. Luckily for me, no one has bothered to tell Diva (pictured below as a foal and at 27) that she has aged. She is still my riding buddy, and in better shape than I could ever hope to be. One of our biggest “secrets to success” for keeping a senior horse looking so good is taking meticulous care of her back. Finding the perfect pad has been an ongoing adventure. (Good thing I like shopping!)


As you probably know – when showing a hunter, a shaped fleece pad is the standard look. Shimmable shaped hunter pads are few and far between, and no fleece + half pad combo is as neat looking as I’d like. If you need to adjust your saddle fit, or just want to add some extra shock absorption it can be anywhere from a pain to a nightmare. When I first saw Fleeceworks Show Hunter Pad ($260) with full trim and a plethora of shim options, I was intrigued. A customized fit made from high quality materials was just the combo I had hoped for!


The Fleeceworks Show Hunter Pad features include dense 1″ sheepskin for maximum protection under points of the saddle tree. It is sheared to 1/2 inch under saddle flap to provide a close feel and finished with full trim for the traditional look. This pad fits my close contact saddle to a tee, and with the vast array of shims available in memory foam, memory foam light, plus foam and eco felt I was able to easily achieve the perfect balance and comfort for my horse’s back.

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