TPH Review: Struck Breeches


By Liz Davoll | Photos by Hillary Oswald

Growing up I wore one brand of breech, sworn to them they were classics. I would wear these breeches until the day I stopped riding. Then, something happened. A brand called Struck out of Canada started working with The Plaid Horse, and it piqued my interest. A few weeks later two pairs of Struck breeches arrived. As I opened the box at my kitchen table, my first impression was, “Wow, these are really nice!” I am not sure what I was expecting; perhaps my fierce loyalty to the other brand clouded my view. I didn’t think a new company could compete.


Well I was misguided. These breeches are legit riding pants for an athlete who spends a lot of time in or out of the tack.  I can put these on first thing in the morning, work at my desk all day, and then ride at 4pm. Stylish and comfortable, Struck Breeches are my go to favorite.

Example, as seen on our Instagram account two weeks ago!


The material is Schoeller Prestige™ fabric. It feels hardy, but has serious stretch, and is just plain flattering. Also, I live in South Florida and haven’t found these breeches to be “too hot” at all. The first pair I opened was the Cloud Grey and Salmon Women’s 50 Series Schooling Breech. I absolutely love the grey color – not super dark and not too light. The bottoms are a gorgeous silky material in a pink salmon color. No Velcro. No weird indentations from bizarre seams under my half chaps.

The second pair they sent me was the hEQ : Women’s 50 Series Show Breech in beige. This show pant comes without the detail on the leg, and is appropriate for the hunter or equitation ring. Both breeches have an attractive, hardy elastic waistband with light rubberized detail to keep your shirt tucked in. My shirts have not budged at all whether I am wearing these at my desk or riding horses, something I cannot say about a lot of riding pants. I also appreciate the wide belt loops to accommodate cute belts.


Overall, Struck Apparel from Canada has brought riding pants to the next level of performance, style, and comfort. I look forward to collecting many different colors in the upcoming year!