Q&A with Stefanie Mazer on Pony Shopping in Wellington

View of the ring and covered round pen at Stefanie Mazer’s Forget Me Not Farm in Wellington, Florida. PC: Erin Gilmore

As we enter into the winter equestrian circuits, The Plaid Horse sat down with Stefanie Mazur of Wellington, FL and asked her advice on how to prepare for pony shopping in Wellington. Stefanie is the author of last year’s widely shared “Six Tips to Successfully Matching Pony Buyers and Sellers” and offers great tips on effective pony shopping.

The Plaid Horse: How should pony shoppers prepare for a shopping trip to Wellington, FL?

Stefanie Mazer: Wellington has hundreds of ponies available for sale during the winter season. Buyers should identify their criteria before they arrive. For example, do you want a pony with points toward qualifying shows? Qualified for Pony Finals? Age restrictions? Lease or purchase?  Budget?

TPH: What types of ponies does the Wellington market offer?

SM: Given the number of ponies that we see over the winter months, all types are available. We have the best of the best starter ponies that will take a young rider from walk trot through the children’s hunters. We have the superstar division ponies. Wellington has them all!

TPH: When is the best time to shop?

SM: All circuit long as new ponies frequently cycle through the area.

TPH: For sellers considering sending a pony to Wellington, what advice do you have?

SM: Make sure that you are dealing with a reputable person who has a proven training and sales record. This should be someone who has knowledge of the market and sales, an understanding of how to best present the pony in the ring and during the trial process, and positive relationships with other trainers and riders.

stephaniemazer-2TPH: What trends are you experiencing in the current market?

SM: Right now, packing fancy large ponies seem to be in demand. There are a lot of mediums on the market. The small pony division seems less competitive and contains younger kids than we have seen in several years. So, progress and success seem more possible for smaller and younger riders in the ring this year. The green divisions will have more valuable prospects this year than they did last year. I have sold a few exceptional ones that are coming out this year.

I have also received  a lot of calls for circuit leases with an option to extend the lease for one year.

TPH:  What do you look for in ponies for your clients?

SM: I value a great canter, good attitude, an easy lead change, and more scope than is needed for the jumps. I like to put my kids on a pony that is overqualified for the job in case he needs to help the rider out of a bad distance. I value ones that do not stop and have no history of stopping. I believe in full disclosure of that behavior. Soundness, good match with the rider, and resale projections are also important considerations.

TPH: Any other pony shopping tips?

SM: Shoppers and sellers should assemble a trustworthy, well -respected team and allow them to lend you their expertise.  Identify the best group of trainers and veterinarians to make your shopping, marketing, and pre-purchase experience as positive as possible.

Stefanie Mazer is the trainer at Forget Me Not Farm in Wellington, where she facilitates the purchasing and selling of several dozen top quality pony hunters each year. Ask your specific questions directly – mazerstefanie@gmail.com or call her at 561-346-4228

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