2016’s Top TPH Blog Stories

What TPH Blog posts do you think made this year’s Top 10 list? Have you read all of them? Scroll down to see our most popular stories of 2016!

    1. Life As You Know It Will Never Be the Same
      By Denise Finch
      “Life as you know it will never be the same.”I never truly understood those words until the morning of May 19, 2007. I was standing at the East Allen Ring at Los Angeles Equestrian Center giving my teenage student her plan for her children’s hunter round when my mom called me multiple times. I kept hitting silent, and going back to coaching my student.
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    2. 6 Ways to Build Your Emotional Muscles for Show Jumping
      By John Haime
      Working with some of the world’s leading athletes in mental/emotional development has taught me many lessons about what is important to be a consistent high performer. One thing I have learned for sure is that emotions run the show in elite performance and they certainly do in show jumping. Head and heart are equal partners in high performance.
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    3. New Show Grounds About to Break Ground in Ocala, FL
      World Equestrian Center and Golden Ocala Golf & Equestrian Club Partner to Build World Class Equestrian Sports Venue, National Membership Allows Equestrians To ‘Try Before You Buy’.
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    4. SEI Clarifies New Helmet Standards
      By Mackenzie Shuman
      Recently, ASTM released a new standard for helmet safety designs. While this does not impact much of the design of the helmet, Riders4Helmets sent an inquiry to the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) to get more information on the changes to helmets.
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    5. 6 Pieces of Advice for Competing at IEA Nationals
      By Carly Nasznic
      The 2015 IEA National Finals are coming up very soon and with only a limited time to prepare for them, here are some tips on how to make your finals experience worth it.
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    6. Heritage Fundamentals Program
      BY Sissy Wickes
      In April of 2016, Andre Dignelli took a small group of riders to a local, one- day show. He could not remember the last time he had done that, and it may have changed his professional future.
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    7. A Bright Future for the Colorado Horse Park
      By Mackenzie Shuman
      As hundreds of spectators and competitors filed in and out of The Colorado Horse Park this summer, many looked around and noticed that the facility, founded in 1992 by Helen Krieble, was starting to show its age. Most of the facility has not changed much since Krieble’s original renovations to the place over 20 years ago. So when new ownership took over The Colorado Horse Park in 2014, the community was hopeful for changes to be made.
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    8. 12 Reasons to Show at the World Equestrian Center ASAP
      By Elizabeth Howell
      Wilmington, Ohio, is about to become your new favorite town. Really? Yes. As the last weekend of the two week World Equestrian Center (WEC) 2016 Fall Classic unfolds, I’m here to tell you to call a barn meeting. Get your butt to Ohio.
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    9. Commentary on the USEF Medal Finals 2016 Course
      By Bill Schaub
      I have loved the post regarding the Pessoa/USEF Medal Finals course and judging. On the record, I want people to know that I respect and admire Jimmy Torano and Marylisa Leffler and their abilities to both ride and judge at the top level. I have known both of them since they were children. Both of them, from early ages, were hard workers and top competitors.
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    10. Grace Tuton: Over Coming Hurdles From Day One
      By Irene Elise Powlick
      Grace Tuton, of her own Nicodemus Farms, is a well-known hunter and equitation rider on the West Coast, but her success has not come easy, though you might not know it. Since early in her childhood, Tuton has struggled with the pain of non-malignant tumors growing on her bones, especially in her joints.
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