Ask the Judge/New Year’s Resolutions

Photo: Quintessence Photography

TPH asked the Judges:

What would do you wish to see as an exhibitor’s New Year’s Resolution?

Their answers are:

“Work hard and try to become more accurate. I will not blame judges or other exhibitors for my shortcomings.” –  Linda Andrisani

“Have sound and well conditioned horses. I will not wear short riding coats.” – Rob Bielefeld

“Take more pride in my turnout, and I will not use those short coats no matter how flattering my rear end is!!!!! (or isn’t)” – Don Stewart

“Be on time and wear tasteful, traditional clothing.” – Eric Dirks

“Be well prepared for the round at hand. This includes impeccably clean boots and neat, appropriate, conservative apparel. My horse will be well groomed and presented to the best of my ability.” – Christina Schlusemeyer

“Improve turnout. Make sure that my horse is clean and my boots are wiped off after warming up and before coming in to the ring. Less bling on hunter attire!” – Tom Brennan

“Be on time to the ring and have a good turnout. Amateurs have less to do than professionals, so should put a little more effort into turnout.” – John Roper

“Evoke sportsmanship at all times.” – Sissy Wickes

“Reinforce the idea of the horse going forward.” – Jeff Ayers

“Do my homework and prepare myself to come into the ring and compete.” – Mary Lisa Leffler

“If I have a horse that trots poorly, I will pick up the canter from a walk and not accentuate the poor gait.” – Tucker Ericson

“To be kind and respectful of all exhibitors, trainers, grooms, and horse show officials. To take more lessons and learn about the care and welfare of my horse.” – Scott Williamson


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