Gallop to the Games in Canada’s Casinos

Photos: Equestrian competition at the Royal West in Calgary, Alberta. 


When people think of Canada they often revert back to old stereotypes such as people being very polite, having a fierce love for hockey, and some of the best maple syrup around. While there is some truth rooted in all of these stereotypes, people often overlook some other, notably more exciting things about Canada.

For instance, Canada is home to some of the best casinos in the entire world! That’s right. Many think of Vegas when they talk about bright lights, entertainment, and that ever-elusive dream of an instant jackpot. However, Canada has many great casinos, ones you don’t even have to leave home to participate in! Don’t believe me, just check out a few great online Canadian casinos here

A Big Name

There are a lot of great resorts in Canada, all with their own unique beauty. The River Rock Casino Resort in British Columbia for instance, is one of the top 5 biggest casinos in Canada This casino has over 70,000 square feet to explore, including VIP rooms, lots of live entertainment, nearly a thousand slot machines, a spa, an on-site hotel, and so much more.

Even the equine enthusiast can enjoy visiting the racetrack, which offers off-track betting. At the track they also have online resources to help give you a competitive betting edge and learn about other events in the equine world like the ones here

Games and Big Names

Canada isn’t just a great place to watch a hockey game or explore some frozen tundra. There is a hustling and bustling casino and gaming industry there just waiting to be explored. Many are resort style casinos that offer all the on-site luxurious amenities you would expect only in Vegas.

Canada however offers all of these things at a much more inexpensive rate than Vegas. That is because Vegas is a gambling and gaming oasis, whereas Canada is loaded with well-known luxury casinos in every direction.

Don’t expect any B-list resorts either. Big names like the Caesar Windsor, Starlight Casino, and Hard Rock Casino in Vancouver all promise fun and food you won’t get anywhere else. Check out a list of other great Canadian casinos here

The Online Experience

While many would love to vacation to exotic and interesting Canadian casinos, for some that is not an option. Whether they have kids or a job to attend to, some cannot devote that kind of time to a location vacation.

Thanks to the many online Canadian games and casinos however, you can have a staycation. Veteran gamblers and newcomers alike can play a variety of their favorite games with real money, enjoying the casino experience without having to deal with all of the extra traveling and resort expenses. Playing online also eliminates the hassle of finding a babysitter and getting some time off of work.

You can even brush up on your gaming and gambling skills at a Canadian online casino, sharpening your skills while you wait to vacation to the real thing. So what are you waiting for? The fun is only a few clicks away.