Between craft and social influencing, U Black: story of a horse with a big personality, whose beauty and energy inspired an equestrian collection. Dedicated to the horse, it is expression of Italian fashion and finest craftsmanship dressing the animal in elegance and passion.

VENETO, ITALY (January 13, 2017). The time has come for a new chapter in the love story between horse riding and fashion, and the writer is Unno: more than a horse, pure beauty. His character faithfully mirrors his coat, absolute energy. His long mane is hypnotic and Unno, intense and proud, is well aware of it. Not just a wonderful Murgese Horse: a social influencer with a community counting over 35.000 Facebook and Instagram followers.

U Black, the new Collection of products dedicated to the horse, is the expression of his personality which guided the designers and craftsmen involved in the project. Saddle pads and covers, bonnets, bandages, blankets, stirrup covers… each piece holds a spark of Unno’s essence: pure blackness.

FROM EQUINE PERFECTION TO THE EXCELLENCE OF CRAFTSMANSHIP. Released online in July 2016 (www.u-black.com), the Collection was born to respond to the secret desire of every rider: to touch the essence of true equine beauty. Ultimately, U Black is passion: for horse riding, of course, and for the excellence of Made in Italy craftsmanship characterized by the same pursuit of perfection.

Through sophisticated textiles and details, each garment holds a fragment of Unno’s uniqueness, as well as of the full meaning of riding: style, nobility, the seeking of perfect movements. To evoke all of this, materials and finishings have been selected with obsessive attention, involving local manufacturers. The sartorial art of the masters of good taste and handcrafting is perceivable in the luxurious, cozy softness of velvet, in the value of precious metals such as gold and silver and in the other materials: microfiber, boiled wool, pile. Even the packaging is handmade. Each item being a gesture of affection that caresses the horse.

A PURE BLACK EXPERIENCE: THE BINOMIAL HORSE-RIDER FACTOR. “Riding a horse awakens a host of unique, ancestral feelings – says Founder Lorella Casalatina -, both rational and irrational. But there is a moment in which everything becomes clear, heart and mind are aligned, everything just flows through you and your horse as one. When this happens, it’s like the world fades to black” .

The relationship between horse and rider is the very essence of horse riding, a complex and mysterious bond that holds love and trust, anxiety and fear, satisfaction, risk, elegance, sweat. U Black’s unmistakable style translates this doubleness, through the game of contrasts between the pure black and the golden precious inserts. Even in the new racing collection: “U Black Competition”, a total white visually clashing with the brand’s intrinsic identity: blackness. A limited edition recently launched – after the first, positive results achieved during last summer – to expand the catalog offer, together with another limited edition designed for the rider. Namely: U Black finest gold-plated spurs; also available in a top-of-the-range version: 18 k solid gold.