Horses, Riders and the Different Types of Horse Shows


If you are a dedicated horse rider and have been training from a very young age, you have probably had the opportunity of entering a few horse shows. Horse shows are one of the main competitions riders participate in and as these shows do not only judge overall score but posture and character with your horse as well, you need to have a strong bond with the beast of your choice.

So, what are the different kinds of horse shows riding fanatics can enter? Here is a list of horse riding show competitions that might get you first prize.

Pleasure classes

The judges of the show in this class will mostly look at the horse. The will judge the horse by how it is to ride and if it is pleasurable enough to compete. This is very important as a horse that is not comfortable in the show-ring may pose threats to the rider and others.

Equitation classes

In this class, the rider is judged on how the horse is handled and if the rider can give commands to the horse which is followed flawlessly. Dressage is a common type of riding activity and involves the rider and horse going through a set of about 15 different movements.

Timed classes

If you like spending time at the Royal Vegas Online Casino, you will love watching this type of competition section. These classes usually include cross country, barrel racing, stadium jumping and pole bending, depending on whether it is an English or Western competition. Show-jumping is a very popular event where 12 fences are set out on a course. The horse then jumps over the fences and each time a horse refuses to jump or knocks down a fence, points are deducted.

Showmanship classes

These classes are done by the rider standing alongside the horse and giving the horse commands as per regulations posted an hour before the show. Although not always included in each show, a rider has to effectively lead the horse to turn around walk backward and demonstrate excellent listening skills.

Stock horse classes

In this section, a horse and rider will be required to do a trot or canter and will be judged on how well it is done. A perfect score will go to the team that aces a perfect trot or canter within a period of time according to a perfect rhythm.

Reigning-back test

This test is done in Western competitions and involves how fast the horse can come to a complete stop from running full-speed. The horse and rider may be required to work with cattle.

Horse riding is seen as a very pleasurable activity and is often used as a stress reliever. So go on, get your riding gear and enjoy riding a magnificent beauty formed by nature!

*Photos by: Katie Lenkhart

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