Congratulations to Gage Curry, Addyson Cord, Jessica Sanders and Kassidy Keith on Receiving the 2017 Michael Nyuis Scholarship

Jessica Sanders Photo provided by Jessica Sanders

Four Deserving Applicants Impressed the 2017 Michael Nyuis Scholarship Judges and Were Awarded Scholarships for West Palms Events’ Horse Shows

West Palms Events is excited to announce the four winners of our 2017 Michael Nyuis Scholarship. We offer our congratulations to Addyson Cord, Jessica Saunders, Gage Curry, and Kassidy Keith – incredible, young equestrian athletes who will each receive a $6,500.00 Scholarship to West Palms Events’ horse shows for the 2017 show season!

“We are very impressed by the young equestrian athletes who applied for the third annual Michael Nyuis Scholarship,” said Adrienne Karazissis of West Palms Events. “We received many outstanding applications and are excited to get to know Addyson, Jessica, Gage and Kassidy better this year at our events. In honor of Dale Harvey’s nephew, Michael Nyuis, this scholarship has assisted up and coming equestrians with their competition goals the last two years and we can’t wait to see what the recipients accomplish this show season!”

West Palms Events’ judging panel was made up of four renowned professionals who have made lifetime contributions to equestrian sport: Dale Harvey, Marc Grock, Lindsay Archer and Hope Glynn. The panel of judges explained how great the applications were, from their videos to their resumes and letters of recommendation.

“The Michael Nyuis Scholarship Program provides a wonderful opportunity to these recipients that show

significant dedication and commitment to the sport,” said Grock. “They stood out among the large number of applicants for their desire to further their knowledge and ability within the hunter/jumper community. Thank you to West Palms Events and Dale Harvey for striving to give and recognize in places where it’s most needed.”

Archer also discussed the quality of all the applicants’ resumes.

Michael Nyuis was a passionate, generous man who will be remembered
through the Michael Nyuis Scholarship

“This year’s group of applicants for the Michael Nyuis Scholarship Program far exceeded what I expected to see,” she explained. “The dedication and skill that they demonstrated both in their videos and written work was exceptional. Thank you to Dale Harvey and West Palms Events for offering this terrific scholarship opportunity and good luck to all of the applicants including this year’s winners. What a tremendous group of young horse enthusiasts!”

They would like to thank all the applicants for their effort to put together such wonderful documents.

While each of these riders comes from a different background, all share a common goal: to make their way as professionals in the sport they love. Here is a brief introduction to each recipient.

Gage Curry –  Gage is a sixteen year old who aspires to one day go to the Olympics and represent the USA, and begin his own barn and compete internationally.

Gage Curry
Photo provided by Gage Curry

He competes on the West Coast and is currently on the Boise Saddle and Jump Club board, which began the first rated jumper shows in Idaho.


Gage says,  “it is an honor to receive the Michael Nyuis Scholarship. I’m proud to represent West Palms Events and their program to help young riders like me advance in the equestrian sport.” Last year, he was accepted into the regional Emerging Athletes Program, where he was nominated to go to Ohio for the National Training Session with Peter Wylder and Anne Thornbury. We can’t wait to see what he accomplishes this year!

Addyson Cord –  Twenty year old, Addyson, is an active team member of the University of Georgia’s NCAA Division 1 Equestrian Team and hopes to one day become a professional in the industry after completing her degree at UGA. Her goals include furthering her knowledge of riding, training and managing an equestrian business, have the ability to compete on client and sales horses and work with professionals abroad to advance her knowledge of importing horses as well as developing and selling young horses.

Addyson Cord
Photo provided by Addyson Cord

Addyson explains, “I am so honored to have received the Michael Nyuis Scholarship, as it is a wonderful opportunity that will help me further my career.  I cannot wait to compete this year!”

Jessica Sanders –  Jessica is a sixteen year old up and coming equestrian athlete who competes in the Medal and Equitation divisions year round. She also enjoys volunteering in her community throughout the year and focuses a great deal on her school work. Her goal is to continue her riding career into college and one day compete at the Olympics.

Jessica Sanders
Photo provided by Jessica Sanders


Jessica said, “It is such an honor to be recognized as a recipient of the Michael Nyuis Scholarship. I am eager to continue my journey as an equestrian and pursue my goals and dreams given this amazing opportunity.  I am so grateful to be awarded this scholarship where I will be able to fulfill my junior show career at spectacular West Palms’ venues. I would like to thank everyone for considering me as a participant of the Michael Nyuis Scholarship.”

Kassidy Keith – Eighteen year old Canadian recipient, Kassidy, is from British Columbia and explains that she chooses to ride horses because she loves the animals she works with. She says, “They help our confidence, increase our self-awareness and keep us humble every day.” Kassidy has a taste for show management already, having worked the hunter in-gate for Peter Holmes at their local horse shows. She also actively looks for other tasks, such as grooming, braiding, etc. and is active in charity work in her community. She would like to represent team Canada one day at NAYRC and become a competitor in Grand Prix and FEI classes.

Kassidy Keith competes for Team Canada
Photo provided by Kassidy Keith

Kassidy says, “I am so thankful for the opportunity that this scholarship will give me, it is going to allow me to show at venues that I have never shown at before and help a lot financially.”

We look forward to seeing all the recipients at our upcoming shows! Good luck to each of you with your 2017 goals, we are looking forward to watching you grow this year!  Stay up to date on all our exciting events and the 2017 show season by  visiting our  website  and following us on  Facebook , Instagram and Twitter !