Tips on Betting on Horse Racing


Betting in-running on horse racing is serious business. Around 20-30% of total turnover on racing is performed in running. That means that on a race turning over a total of £500k at least £100k will be bet after the off.

Thanks to the timely manner with which you can place your bet and the tools available to do so, it’s a uniquely betting experience. With a 5f race you have ‘a minute to win it’, so betting or trading in-running is definitely a modern pursuit requiring split seconds to make a decent decision, an area out of bounds for traditional bookmakers. For those of you who are big fans of William Hill and like to place your bets there, read this review and stay in the center of sports betting.

It’s attracted the attention of a lot of different types of activity. Some people are form based and looking for horses to run in a particular manner, being held up or front run. Some are more intuitive and looking for action during the race to determine their final decision, while some are using pure stats when looking for opportunities.

Watching and clicking odds always felt unintuitive, so it was for that reason that in-play trader was invented. This tool allows you to display the market with not just the odds on a horse, but also the implied chance. This gives you a huge benefit in how you interpret the information you see on a market. When you look at the display, using implied chance, you will now see the market as close to ‘live’ as possible.

Each horse starts on one side of the screen and ‘runs’ to the finishing post. The big benefit of this is that it allows you see how the market is discounting the chance of any horse winning the race. In case you are a big fan of horsing and are following all the latest news, check out Horsemanship Quiz Challenge to find out how much you really know about horses.

All the information in the market, from the people at home, to the form students, to the people in the hospitality areas is discounted into this graph. Being able to view the market in this manner gives you invaluable insight into how the race is unfolding. Staring at TV pictures and their odd camera angles can be confusing. Using this tool you can look at your monitor which will show you all the action in a great and intuitive display.

The current back lay and last traded odds are displayed alongside the current traded range to show you how the market is reacting to information. If there are a lack of layers the lay price will trailing further up traded range behind the last traded price and vice versa.

A sudden spike in the trading range on a horse other than the favorite can be seen instantly and allow you to shift your attention to that particular horse. Watch the screen often enough and it’s quite easy to spot weakening favorites. When a favorite horse is about to come under pressure the price starts to ‘wobble’ around in the market as pressure grows from competing runners. A precursor to a weakening favorite is when the price on another runner starts to ‘speed’ up within or at the edge or its current trading range.
Placing a bet is simple – all you need to do is click on space either in front or behind the position of the current odds or runner. You can back, lay or use the mouse buttons to back or lay with one click. That one click will send you bet into the market at the current odds on the screen where you mouse is positioned. You can click anywhere near the dotted line to place a bet unless you have the bet placement option set to ‘No bet placement’.

The one-click screen global settings can also be used via the In-play Trader as well, so with a single click on the In-play Trader you’ll be able to back a runner and automatically offset the bet with greening to profit from a successful trade, whoever ultimately wins the race.