Split Rock Farm Inc.provides support to HEART For Education and “Heart on the Go” Programs


Madison, Virginia. Split Rock Farm of Lexington, KY has awarded HEART Equine Ambulance funding for Education and the new “Heart on the Go” Travel Kit for 2017. This support allows HEART to provide the ambulance technicians the opportunity to attend the Technical Large Animal Emergency Rescue( TLAER) continuing education training at Hagyard Equine Veterinary Center in Lexington, KY to refresh and update their skills, and learn the latest techniques related to large animal rescue and transport. HEART maintains the highest standards of equine care in case of a serious injury or sickness during horse show events and is proud of the level of training its ambulance technicians receive.

The “HEART on the Go” Travel Kit will consist of essential equipment including a large animal glide (sled) that can be used at a location where HEART cannot provide a fully-equipped truck and ambulance unit. The HEART technician would meet the Travel Kit at the event and utilize a locally-sourced truck and trailer. This allows HEART to provide the very best care at events that we may not reach otherwise with its existing two truck and ambulance trailer units.

Robin Sweely, President of HEART Equine Ambulance was thrilled with this donation. “Bobbie Braun, Derek Braun and Split Rock Farm have been long time supporters of HEART. Their support has allowed HEART to continue our mission of providing current equipment and well trained staff to aid our equine partners when injured or ill. We are excited to have the Brauns as corporate sponsors to aid us in buying new equipment and sending our staff to advanced training.”

Bobbie Braun and son Derek are owners of Split Rock Farm of Lexington, KY founded in 2001 by Derek Braun. Bobbie, who was a past Board Member, has supported HEART throughout the organization’s 17 year history.. “We are very pleased to continue our support of HEART and these special projects. Number one is expanding HEART’s ability to reach other events so that more top equestrian events have the state of the art emergency transportation services available if a need arises. Additionally, education is paramount- continuing to educate the staff so they may continue their brilliant work with expert skill.”

Derek Braun, President and CEO of Split Rock Farm, Inc. is a top Grand Prix competitor with major wins and placings throughout the USA and Canada, and has represented the USET in international competitions. Split Rock Farm Inc. manages the Split Rock Jumping Tour which takes place in Lexington KY and Columbus Ohio. HEART Equine Ambulance provides emergency services at these elite events.

HEART Equine Ambulance travels across the country to equestrian events to provide state of the art emergency transportation if needed for sick and injured horses while they are on the competition grounds. Our goal is for every equine event to have a fully equipped and welltrained ambulance staff on site and available 24 hrs. HEART is a non-profit corporation with 501c.3 charitable tax status, and is seeking funding from individuals, organizations and corporations who support the highest standards of equine care across all disciplines. Visit www.equineambulance.com for more information.