10 Things that Keep Me Up at Night Other Than Depo Use

  1. The cost of horse showing.
    Who’s working on it: Local shows stepping up their game
  1. The lack of horsemanship.
    Who’s working on it: TPH title sponsor of HQC
  1. The new green hunter system.
    What is this new structure and what are the long term effects? 
  1. The footing in lunging rings. Hours horses spend in lunging rings.
    Who’s working on it: Unclear. 
  1. The effect of arena footing on my horse
    Who’s working on it: Sport Horse Research Foundation.
  1. Spread of communicable viruses such as EHV 1.
    Who’s working on it: Microchipping is a start.
  1. Trainers buying their own shockwave machines from veterinarians
    Who’s regulating this? Not the vets.
  1. Schooling Area Safety
    Who’s working on it: USEF Competition Standards Committee- we hope.
  1. Number of classes/divisions horses do in a year.
    Who’s working on it: See Bill Schaub on Facebook. 
  2. Named Sponsors of USEF push pharma and nutraceuticals.
    Who’s working on it: unclear.