TPH Review: Classic Equine Protective Boots

By Betsy Kelley

Every equestrian has had that moment….you’re standing in the cross ties, helplessly watching the polo wrap you were just holding roll away down the aisle, unraveling as it goes.

I am a chronically clumsy human, and I would rather not admit how many times this has happened to me. (HINT: A lot.) I remember watching the pink fleece happily bouncing away from me, and thinking about the article I read about how the average adult spends 153 full days of their lifetime looking for misplaced items. How many days of my life have I spent so far wrapping and rolling polos? On second thought, I don’t want to know. I already have to re-roll this one so I can wrap my mare’s legs before our ride.

Thus started my research into a better option for daily riding leg protection. I love the traditional look of polo wraps, and there is definitely still a place and time for them, but with all the leaps and bounds equestrian equipment has made in the last few years (Hello, technical fabric!) I wanted to see what was out there. Enter Classic Equine, with their line of protective boots, bells, wraps and more. Great reviews? Check. Price point? Check. Plethora of color and pattern options? Double check.

Made of perforated neoprene (allowing ultimate airflow and protection, no need to worry about overheating) the Legacy System Boots offer a beautifully contoured fit that looks clean while it supports and protects. The cute colors and matching bell boots are an added bonus if you’re like me, and are a sucker for cute patterns but also love everything to be matchy-matchy. My mare is athletic, and I like to give her as much protection as I can without getting in the way of her natural movement. The Legacy System Boots and No Turn Bells were exactly what I needed for my daily riding. If you are looking for a different level of support, they also offer a great price point for other high quality items including Polo Wraps, traditional Splint Boots, Standing Wraps, and a full line of products for your horse from blankets to barn supplies!

Overall impression:

The Classic Equine Legacy System Front Boots and No Turn Bells are easy to clean, attractive on a horse, and hold up well to daily work. These were the perfect solution for a quick application, low maintenance, protective solution for daily riding.