What the TPH Interns are Tuning Into…

Podcasts have become a part of our recreational, informational, and intellectual lives. They cover a wide variety of subjects- from sports to politics to fiction to religion. Within the extensive menu of the podcast genre, what programming is aimed toward the younger generation? What are kids and young adults listening to?

TPH asked our talented team of interns about their choice of podcasts and which shows keep them coming back for more.

Click on the links below to learn and listen to each podcast mentioned. To discover more podcast suggestions read 10 Podcasts Piper Listens to On the Road and Podcast Review: S-Town.


I like podcasts because they are educational (but not boring) and easy to listen to. With podcasts, I am able to listen to my playlist while doing chores both at home or at the barn or while exercising. There are no commercials and I can listen to podcasts on my phone while driving to a horse show. 

Podcasts like The Plaidcast have tons of useful information for riders like the latest news in USEF, NCEA updates, and tips for controlling your nerves and mental strength during competition. I also love animal related podcasts like Healthy Critters Radio which have tips on taking care of your animals.

– Emy Lucibello


Last year I decided to take a Beginning Journalism class because I wanted to improve my writing skills. The first time I walked into the classroom my classmates and I sat down and began to listen to a podcast called Serial. As a sophomore in high school, my interest level on the first day of class for a podcast was extremely low. However, after six classes of listening, I was completely hooked. Serial is a podcast, from the incredibly talented creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig on the National Public Radio. Episode by episode, Serial investigates true stories. Season 1 explores the murder of a popular high school senior and her ex-boyfriend who is arrested for it. Then in Season 2, Sarah narrates a U.S. soldier’s journey in Afghanistan. I cannot begin to explain the intense focus I had while listening to episode after episode of Serial. Serial is a great show to listen to on a long drive to a horse show or just to the barn.  Just be ready for jaw-dropping detective feelings you might have after each episode. 

– Estelle Kraft

I addicted am to podcasts. Like many people, I have a 45-minute drive to the barn almost every day, and I fill that space with a podcast. My favorites range from my mood that day- from Criminal to Crimetown, to S-town, and Stuff You Should Know, and more recently the new podcast Every Little Thing! I have learned so much from these podcasts, from random facts and historical events (just today, I learned about the origins of office plants!) to helpful information I may or may not have used on the ACT last year. It is no wonder I am addicted!

Emma Dubinsky


There are many podcasts out there, but I prefer listening to shows about the horse sport. My favorites would have to be the Horses in the Morning on Horse Radio Network. I enjoy these because they feature special guests, which gives you an opportunity to see a little deeper into the horse world.

– Katie Lenkart


Podcasts are the best because they are just as entertaining as any show or movie, but without the distraction of an image. I usually find myself listening to podcasts on long drives to horse shows, but they are also great for when I am doing homework since I am the type of person that needs some sort of background noise to concentrate. My favorite shows are The Plaidcast (of course!), Serial, and Radiolab.  Listening to podcasts is a great way to stay updated, learn something new, and entertain yourself when you need a break.

– Jenna Zimmerman


To discover more podcast suggestions read 10 Podcasts Piper Listens to On the Road and Podcast Review: S-Town.