Podcast Review: Lore

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Listen to Lore HERE and read more reviews by reading Podcast Review: Crimetown and Podcast Review: S-Town 

By Stephanie Roloff

If you think you’re too old for a good scary story, the kind you would read on a rainy fall day or late at night with a flashlight under your bed, check out the Lore podcasts. They craft the art of storytelling with true life scary stories in this award-winning podcast series. These aren’t the kind of stories you see on the headlines of National Enquirer; these are the tales that dive into the backs of history books and journals to explore the unexplainable.

Listening to Lore feels like reading your favorite chapter book while curling up next to a warm fire on a raw day. Each episode features different stories that  range from old folklore we all know, like werewolf and ghost sightings, to less familiar stories of unexplainable plagues and peculiar side effects of seizures.

Lore has been the Winner of the iTunes “Best of 2015” & “Best of 2016” Awards, and Winner of the Best History Podcast 2016” by Podcast Academy. And with over 5,700 5-star reviews on iTunes and an average of 6-million monthly listens, it seems I am not the only fan of this podcast.

My favorite episodes have been Episode 58: The Devil’s Beat, which discusses how every human culture has its own form of music to express emotions- from joy to fear. Another favorite is Episode 50: Mary, Mary, which looks into the Spiritualist movement of the late 1800’s and some medical mysteries that occurred at that time. Episode 50 I listened to right before going to bed, which I have to admit kept me awake a little longer than usual that night. After all, these stories have enough historical documentation to make them plausible and, therefore, really scary.

What I like best about this podcast is not just the nostalgic campfire story-telling feel to each episode, but the simplicity and tastefulness of narrating by the host, writer and producer Aaron Mahnke. Although many of the stories told on Lore seem far-fetched, Mahnke doesn’t tell them in a sensationalized way. He understands what it takes to make a great story as he has written several of his own supernatural thrillers before Lore was created.

In fact, this podcast has been so successful that Mahnke announced in March, 2017, The World of Lore book series. In April, 2017, it was announced that Lore was going to have its own TV show through Amazon Studios. And for nerds like myself, you can be even more excited because producers from The Walking Dead and X-Files TV shows will be working with Mahnke to create this unique series. To stay tuned on Lore episodes and more, CLICK HERE.

Listen to Lore HERE and read more reviews by reading Podcast Review: Crimetown and Podcast Review: S-Town 


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By Stephanie Roloff – Director of Digital Media, The Plaid Horse

Stephanie Roloff graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and PR Management. Aside from her social media prowess, she has a strong background in journalism, working as both a writer and editor in her time at WWU.  She has a passion for volunteering and non profits, and has spent extensive time volunteering with the YWCA of Washington, her most recent focus being PR and organization for the 23rd annual Women of Achievement Gala.