10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

By TPH Intern Estelle Kraft

Mother’s Day is approaching faster than you think so here 10 great gift ideas for your mom that can last her all horse show day long! Here at TPH we love our horse show moms, and honorary ones, so make sure this Mother’s Day that you treat her like the woman that she is.

  1. The Stable Life: Horse Bit Wrap ($149.95)

Horse show weather can be extremely unpredictable as all equestrians know and the morning classes can be cold so grab mom a stylish wrap that she’ll love. This Horse Bit Wrap from The Stable Life comes in both camel and navy, a great addition to wardrobe making her not only look the part, but feel it too!


2. Equitex Custom: Lap Warmer (Custom Order)

Waiting for results after a great round can consist of two things – an anxious attitude and you and mom sitting on a cold metal picnic table. Equitex Custom offers a warm wool lap warmer that can be customized to match not only your horses cooler, but your barns logos and colors! Every other mom will be jealous, trust me!

3. Hunter Boots: Tall Rain Boots ($150.00 – $235.00)

If it’s a rainy show morning that means muddy. Mud and those cute tall black boots mom has to avoid maure don’t mix too well, instead opt for a pair of tall Hunter rain boots. These boots come in many colors and styles to match any outfit.


4. Hydroflask: 20 oz Coffee ($27.95)

It’s early, you’re yawning, mom is about to fall asleep on the rail and your horse is having a sleepy morning. A Hydroflask 20 oz Coffee mug is a great gift for horse show mom, or really any mom. This mug is customizable in colors so it can reflect any moms personality and keep her coffee hot while you knock out the competition.


5. Maelort & Co.: Ring Backpack ($180.00)

Middle of horse show days means lunch time! Maelort & Co. makes fabulously stylish ringside backpacks that mom will be stealing for herself.


6. Riata Designs: Sun Hats (Custom Order)

Horse shows mean direct sunlight most of the time in the spring and summer seasons and to keep mom cool and her skin safe a sun hat is a great thing to have, and you can never have too many. Riata Designs creates custom hats for every customer making this gift personalized for your horse show mom.


7. JOTT: Seda Vest ($195.00)

By this time in the show day the weather has hopefully warmed up so mom can ditch the wrap and throw on a vest. JOTT offers simply beautiful quilted vets that come in a variety of colors, they’re so great you’ll want to gift yourself one.


       8. Katherine Cosmetics: Everyday Beauty Collection ($22.00 – $26.00)

Getting to the ring is both a process for yourself and mom, you both want to look your best! Katherine Cosmetics Everyday Beauty Collection is a great line of basic beauty items that can be easily tossed into a ringside bag and especially worn in championship and classic winning photos.

9. Hunt Seat Paper Company: TKEQ The Shop Mother’s Day Kit ($45.00)

The name says it all, this Mother’s Day Kit is a great gift for any mom! It comes with a ‘Ring Leader’ tshirt, ‘Thanks’ card and a sheet of adorable d-ring wrapping paper, so mom can be thanked for everything she does inside and outside of the show ring.


10. Yourself & Co.: Handmade Card (Priceless)

If your mom is like mine she’s appreciated the handmade and thoughtful cards that you’ve colored since you were a kid. Write her a note, but make sure you tell her how much you love and appreciate her because afterall she is and forever will be the most incredible woman in your life.