TPH Review: Benefab Rejuvenate SmartScrim


I am going to tell you something up front: I am somewhat of a skeptic when it comes to the magical healing powers of all the therapeutic blankets and boots on the market. They can be a hefty investment if you are making your first foray into them and don’t know which brand to choose. After what felt like endless research, I finally decided to give Benefab a try. I was drawn to their brand because they partner with Sore-No-More, which I have had incredible results from after trying out several liniments and muscle salves a few years ago. If a company like Sore-No-More is willing to put their trust behind Benefab, it has to be good. Right?

Enter the beginning of my love affair with the Benefab Rejuvenate SmartScrim Therapeutic Mesh Sheet.

First Impression

The materials are high quality, and the construction is well executed. Between the ceramic nano-particles that are all the rage right now and the 90 magnets placed over key acupuncture points, this scrim allowed me to try multiple complimentary therapies at once. I like the weight that the magnets give the scrim too – it isn’t heavy per se, but just weighty enough to give an extra benefit. (Weighted blankets have been proven to be beneficial in relieving anxiety.)

The SmartScrim is easy to secure, with the benefit of front buckles, a belly surcingle AND elastic leg straps. I had to do a little hunting to find out what the extra D-rings on the outside of the blanket were for, but it turns out they are an additional option for the elastic leg straps. (You can lengthen them and wrap them through to the outside for maximum contact of the scrim with the hindquarters – how cool is that?)


Even as a senior horse, my mare does not have too many issues with soreness. That being said, she is still showing and working, so adding the SmartScrim to my cool down routine was an easy decision. She seemed to enjoy wearing the scrim, lots of yawning and relaxing, but it’s always hard to know with horses if something is working or not. Either way, it wasn’t doing any harm and it was a nice way to end our work sessions. Then came the time for the SmartScrim to shine: my mare who has not been lame a day in 28 years managed to acquire a mystery injury in the pasture and was head-bobbing-lame. Instead of riding I spent the evening panicking. After checking her over for heat and swelling (none to be found) and sending video clips to my farrier (who pinpointed the lameness to her shoulder) I decided to see what the SmartScrim could do. I tucked her in for the night with her SmartScrim under her stable blanket, and hoped for the best. The next morning when I came out to check on her, I nervously pulled her out of the stall and took her into the arena to see what the scrim had done. To my delight, she was sound as a dollar and back to her feisty self. (If I hadn’t taken videos of her moving the night before, I wouldn’t have believed that she was ever off!) This was the moment that the SmartScrim elevated from a pretty accessory to a full partner in my horse care routine.


If you are looking to take a foray into the ceramic therapy world, I can’t recommend Benefab enough. They have a full line of products for Equines and Humans, and partner beautifully with Sore-No-More’s line of liniments and geolotions. From horse hoods and hock boots to human infinity scarves and blankets, they have what you need to keep yourself and your equine partner in tip-top shape.