TPH Review: One K Defender Air Suede Helmet


We are huge helmet champions here at The Plaid Horse. When your sport substitutes out a ball with a 1200lb animal with a mind of its own, there are inherent dangers every time you saddle up. Whether you are riding a schoolmaster or a greenie, accidents happen and there is no good reason not to protect your noggin. That being said, there is no reason you can’t look cute while you keep your brain safe.

I have been Instagram stalking One K helmets for a while now, and when the opportunity arose to take one for a test ride, I was thrilled! I ride multiple disciplines, and was excited to find a helmet that could cross over so well. I chatted with a rep about which helmet to try, and we decided that since my noggin is a bit of an “in-betweener” (Not quite average, not quite a long oval) I should try out the Defender Suede and the Defender Suede Air.


First Impression

These helmets are awesome, especially for their price point. They are certified to ASTM and CE EN standards, so they are legal to use when showing. The material of these helmets are top notch, and a great solution for a rider on a budget looking for a helmet appropriate for schooling and showing. I love the clean lines the helmet offers, with minimal seams and attractive styling.

BONUS POINTS: It works with filters on Snapchat!

Rocking my One K at my first Dressage show!

Fit and Wear

This is officially my lucky helmet. I wore it to an A-Rated show where I was riding in Hunter Hack and my first ever Dressage tests. We had an awesome show – including winning both dressage tests!

I chose a fellow rider, and she and I did a test of the helmets. The Defender Suede had some gapping at the sides as helmets tend to on my noggin, but it fit my fellow rider perfectly. The Defender Air Suede was an elegant solution to my helmet fit issues, and with a few adjustments of the air pockets, I had a customized, comfortable fit. It stayed put during my classes, and I didn’t get the post-ride headache some other helmets have given me. In the end, we both had some big wins at the show and were thrilled with the One K Defender Suede helmets.


You don’t have to own the most expensive helmet on the market to have a safe, clean, polished look for the show ring. This helmet garnered an amazing amount of compliments from total strangers who needed to know where I got it. (Luckily for me, the local tack shop has started carrying One K so I could send them straight over!) If your local shop does not carry One K brand helmets, fear not! Many online retailers carry this fast-growing brand.

The air pump on the Defender Air easily adjusts fit on an in-betweener head.
With the quick push of a button, you can adjust for a less snug fit!