Rep the Magazine That Reps the Horse Shows!

By Averill Pessin

The Plaid Horse Magazine is excited to announce that our brand ambassador program is getting a glow-up and we are launching our very first TPH Brand Ambassador TALENT SEARCH!

Now is the opportunity for you to represent North America’s Premier Horse Show Magazine online, at horse shows and in your community.

We are looking for a GREAT group of young riders who are already talented at social media, but want to work with mentors from the magazine to hone their social media skills and polish their personal brand, while representing the magazine.

What makes a great TPH Brand Ambassador? *Hint Hint

We are looking for amazing young riders with exceptional personalities and who exhibit talent and potential for social media marketing.

Most importantly: Are you a fan of The Plaid Horse magazine?

Remember that this is a TPH TALENT SEARCH! We will be posting instructions how to apply on our Instagram, but we will be looking at your WHOLE account.  Everything you post, including your bio.

The competition for brand ambassador spots will be fierce, so your social media needs to stand out!  It will be our first impression of you! Beautiful photos including clever captions with good grammar and spelling are just the beginning. If you really want to WOW us, we’re going to need to see some TPH content on your Instagram. Tell us about your favorite article in the latest issue. Tell us a few things you learned from a TPH Plaidcast.  Stanley LOVES when kids do fun edits with his pics.

Please note that The Plaid Horse is very respectful of photo copyrights and we love our horse show photographers, so we are unable to accept anyone who uses watermarked photos they have not purchased.

Are you wearing a helmet in every photo, if you’re sitting on a horse? That matters to us.

Are you kind, interactive and positive?  That SUPER DUPER matters to us.

Information HOW to apply will be posted on our Instagram and we will be paying attention to who follows instructions well!

The basics:

  • Open to Junior riders in the United States and Canada
  • You must have Facebook and Instagram accounts and be active on a horse show circuit
  • You will be required to get parental and trainer permission

For more information, be sure to follow our Instagram and turn those post notifications ON.