Check Out Waltzing Matilda at the Devon Horse Show!


Wayne, PA – May 19, 2017 – Waltzing Matilda USA, a unique brand headquartered in Wayne, PA, specializes in handcrafted leather bags, sandals and accessories.  The company was started from the back of a VW van with a hammer, a knife and scrap leather.  The first Waltzing Matilda USA product was created from re-purposed shoe leather and transformed into a sandal.

The company’s founder, Mike Balitsaris, has fostered a lifelong passion for creating unique wearable items from leather.  While attending Villanova University, he discovered his talent for repurposing old leather scraps and began to craft beach sandals that he sold to friends and surf shops along the east coast.  Upon graduation and with the realization that sandals weren’t going to support his growing family, Balitsaris altered his focus of repurposing materials into re-habilitating commercial real estate buildings at industrial locations.

During business trips for his real estate company, Balitsaris found himself pondering his original craft again, working with his hands and leather.  On one such trip, a bar room conversation lead to some friendly bartering of goods.  Beer was traded for scrap leather from the Red Wing Shoe Factory in Minnesota. These scraps were then re-purposed into a bag that received much attention through social media.  

As a result of Mike’s artwork going viral, Apple commissioned Balitsaris to create 15,000 bags and Waltzing Matilda USA was officially born.


Recognizing a natural fit for lovers of horse sport, Lisa Thomas, founder of Mid-Atlantic Equestrian Services, has partnered with Balitsaris and his team to introduce Waltzing Matilda USA to the equestrian market.  Thomas, a lifelong equestrian from Unionville, PA, provides professional marketing services to equestrian focused companies and is thrilled to work with Waltzing Matilda.

“With a commitment to made-in-America and craftsmanship dedicated to authentic repurposed materials such as saddle leather, chaps and strap goods, Waltzing Matilda appeals to those who love the aesthetics of horses.  Competitors and spectators who attend the Devon Horse Show are drawn to this show for the old fashioned charm of the country fair and the magnificent beauty of the horses.  During this period of mass communication and social media, there is a magnetic appeal for consumers to purchase hand crafted, authentic items made with ideals.  Waltzing Matilda’s story is romantic and their incredible products will be cherished for years to come.”   


Please visit Booth # 40A and discover a unique set of products, including footwear, belts, dog collars, portfolios, and jewelry.  Have an old saddle, chaps or a memorable piece of tack?  Here’s an opportunity to create a new, custom one-of-a-kind piece that will last a lifetime.

Everything is handcrafted in the USA and made to last forever.  Every effort is made to use recycled materials found during the company’s travels. The company is creative, adventurous and humble. Each Waltzing Matilda creation stimulates the senses with re-purposed materials handcrafted by local artisans.  

Founder Mike Balitsaris is eager to debut his artisanal leather goods to the equestrian world. Please waltz right into Booth # 40A and give Mike and his team a warm welcome!

To learn more about a small, purposeful company located right down the road from the Devon Horse Show grounds, please visit!