Six Tips to Get The Most Out of your Epona Exchange Listing

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  1. Visuals are EVERYTHING
    Blurry photos, old photos, odd poses- All of these are a big turn-off when potential buyers are scrolling through listings looking for their next horse. You don’t need to have professional photos done (even though those are always very eye catching as well), but at least clear, crisp photos. It also helps to show a range of angles. For example, from the side, front angle, and showing your horse in action with jumping photos or during a show.
  2. Credentials

    In the description of your horse, make sure to tell people about your horse’s history so they know what to expect. Explain where your horse has competed successfully, what different ribbons they have won and the level at which your horse is prepared to compete at with their new owner.
  3. Perfect Match
    Describe your horse’s personality and any quirks. Do not omit vices as full disclosure is the best practice. Potential horse buyers are looking for the perfect match and want to know if the horse will love them as much as they love the horse.
  4. Watch the Action
    Great quality videos are a strong selling point for your horse as people can watch them do what they do best in action. Videos of your horse at a previous show, interacting with people or other animals are all great things for a potential buyer to see.
  5. Test Drive
    If you’re going to be at a big show with the horse you’re planning to sell and are comfortable with potential buyers having a test ride on your horse, this is great information to put on your listing. This would be a great chance for you to meet potential buyers beforehand and for them to ask you any questions and get to know your horse better.
  6. Clear, concise
    Always keep your writing clear, to the point and professional when writing your description of your listing. Think about the pertinent information one would need to know for buying your horse. In-depth details like the horse’s favorite foods, training tips etc. can be further discussed once you learn who is interested in buying your horse.

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