Podcast Review: She Explores

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By TPH Digital Media Director Stephanie Roloff

Often enough, getting time outside for me means driving to a nearby park with my dog and laying out in the sun for a few hours. There has always been this part of me deep down that craves adventure, which can be hard to find in a suburban small town. I imagine this version of myself- older maybe, with more money in my bank account and more time on my hands- spending my days kayaking out into the bay or taking a solo weekend trip up to the mountains. Aaah, the fresh air, cerulean sky, mountainous terrain. Snap- back to reality, and I remind myself that’s not me; I’m not that brave; I’m not that type of girl.

When I stumbled across the podcast, She Explores, I tried to talk myself out of it. This was probably a podcast about strong, outdoorsy women who talk about training tips for triathlons or review different rock climbing gear. Still, my curiosity got the best of me. I gave the podcast a listen- and fell in love. On their website, the podcast is described as “for and about women who are inspired by time spent outside.” She Explores is not just a podcast for those extreme adventurist women we all know and aspire to be, but any woman who finds enjoyment in the out of doors.

This podcast speaks to a wide range of women about a great variety of topics. My favorite episodes have talked very broadly about the outdoors, and were focused on the importance of time spent outside for overall wellbeing.

Outside Magazine women’s XX factor issue

One of the first episodes I listened to immediately drew me in, “Episode 25- Taking Shape: Making the Outside Magazine’s Women’s Issue.” This episode discussed the ways in which women- especially women of the outdoors- are portrayed by the media. Since TPH happens to be an all female staff, I found it fascinating to hear from top female editors in the magazine industry. Another great episode was “Episode 21- No Straight Paths,” where a successful full-time blogger talks about how there are no straight paths to success, and “it’s OK to not have it all figured out.” There was also “Episode 23-  Mental Health & the Outdoors” which highlighted the positive effect of green spaces on the challenges of anxiety and depression.

I strongly recommend this podcast, not just for those who love camping and hiking, but for anyone who loves being outside. Whether you are riding your horse, sitting out watching the sunset, or going for a run, the outdoors benefits us all. For me, hearing about other young women blazing new paths in their careers as well as boldly pushing past barriers with new adventures is validating. Click HERE to tune in and check out “She Explores”.


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By Stephanie Roloff – Director of Digital Media, The Plaid Horse

Stephanie Roloff graduated from Western Washington University with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and PR Management. Aside from her social media prowess, she has a strong background in journalism, working as both a writer and editor in her time at WWU.  She has a passion for volunteering and non profits, and has spent extensive time volunteering with the YWCA of Washington, her most recent focus being PR and organization for the 23rd annual Women of Achievement Gala.