Q&A: Being Successful in School and in Riding

Emma Flett. Photo by Katie Lenkart

By Katie Lenkart

Every young rider knows the struggle of keeping up with school while being at a horse show. There are so many distractions; your friends, your horses, and of course the ever present excitement. It is very hard to find time to sit down and do homework. I interviewed three young riders, Emma Flett, Mackenzie Altheimer, and Amelia Sawalich, and asked them what they do to complete their homework at horse shows.

Q: What grade are you in?

Amelia Sawalich. Photo by Katie Lenkart.

EF: I am in 8th grade.

MA: I am a high school freshman.

AS: I am currently a high school freshman.

Q: Do you attend online or “regular” school?

EF: I attend regular public school.

MA: I attend online school.

AS: I attend regular school.

Q: How many horses do you show?

EF: I normally show two horses.

MA: i show three horses.

AS: I show two horses.

Q: What helps you succeed in both school and riding?

EF: I always try to plan ahead with my schoolwork, and do it whenever I get the chance.

MA: I split my day in half. I go to the barn in the morning, and do my homework in the afternoon. Sometimes I switch the order depending on my schedule.

AS: I study and do homework whenever I can!

Q: What helps you focus on homework when you are at a horseshow?

EF: I find a quiet space to sit down and work. I work with my phone next to me in case someone needs to get in contact with me.

MA: I go to a quiet place and listen to music.

AS: I go back to the hotel for a bit, or find a quiet place at the barn.

Q: Do you have any tips for other riders juggling school and riding?

Mackenzie Altheimer. Photo by Lilli Weik

EF: I would advise everyone to get their work early and let their teachers know when they will be gone, so that they can have all their work with them and don’t get behind.

MA: It’s very important to make a schedule to balance out your school and riding. It also helps to make friends at horseshows who also do online school, so that way you can work together instead of being alone.

AS: To always get everything done so that you do not end up behind with your work.

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