My 5 Favorite Things about Devon

By Jordan Cobb

1. Shetland Pony Races- Everyone dreams of riding around the Dixon Oval in a class competing against the best of the best, but it’s not too bad when it’s filled with adorable little ponies and their jockeys either!

Photo by Emily Riden of Jump Media LLC.

2. Lemon Sticks- If you have the chance to go to Devon, there is no way you can leave without grabbing one of these- sweet, sour, and absolutely iconic!

Piper Klemm enjoying a lemon stick.

3. Carnival- Competing at Devon can put a lot of pressure on you, so take a break to win some huge stuffed animals, get your face painted, and ride the Ferris wheel (NO – you are never too old!)

Photo by Brenda Carpenter

4. Watching the Grand Prix- Even McLain Ward agrees that Devon has the best crowds in the world, and anyone who has cheered and cried along with the locals at Devon will swear by it. World class horses, world class riders, and a nail-biting jump off is inevitable!

5. Pony Hunt Teams- After the ponies finish showing, everyone rushes back to the barn to adorn their animals with paint, glitter, and various other decor that will last for weeks to trainers’ dismay. The only thing better than a bunch of ponies and kids dressed up in team themes? Watching those teams navigate jumps in synch! I’ve competed in hunt teams three times, and last year my team took the win!

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