Epona Exchange Marketing Guide

*This article was sponsored by Epona Exchange. Epona Exchange offers a beautiful, simple solution for buying and selling horses. For Sale – For Lease – At Stud…list your horse today!

You’ve made your Epona Exchange listing for your horse and now what? After you’ve utilized the Six Tips to Get The Most Out of your Epona Exchange Listing, this is the time to share your listing with as many people as possible.

You don’t need to be a social media whiz, but sharing your listing through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. .are all great ways to start getting eyes on your horse. Just copy the website link from your Epona Exchange listing and paste it into your social media status. Facebook can be utilized even further if you are a member of any type of horse group, make sure to share your listing on those pages as well. If you’re not a member of any groups on Facebook, now is a good time to start. Start searching for equestrian groups, horses for sale groups, or horse listings in your state groups. Facebook group pages are a great place to share your listings and to learn from examples of other people’s successful listings.

Whenever sharing your listing link on social media, make sure to keep it simple for viewers. Include the contact information, add good-quality photos to the post and state where the horse is being sold. Putting the price right in your post along with the listing link can also be a great way to catch audiences’ attention.

You can most definitely share your listing on social media more than once. Share your listing a few times a week to keep your horse fresh in people’s minds, until your listing is successful. The best times to share your post on social media are when people are checking electronic devices most often; early in the morning before they head to work and late at night before they go to bed.

Simply emailing people in your different network circles is a direct and easy way to share your listing. Do your best to keep up with questions and messages from anyone inquiring about your listing.

These are all simple steps you can make to get your listing as much attention as possible.

For more advice read Six Tips to Get The Most Out of your Epona Exchange Listing.